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Blogging 101: How to Brand Yourself on Social Media

how to brand yourself on social media

Are you working to create a robust social media presence?

Learning how to brand yourself on social media could help you take your business to the next level, opening doors and creating opportunities you didn’t know were available.

With so many platforms, the world of social media can seem overwhelming. Not to worry! We’ve laid out some tips to help you navigate these digital platforms and build your online brand.

Post Regularly

This is easier said than done. Life gets busy and the next thing you know, you haven’t posted on your social media for days or even weeks. The only way to grow and engage your audience is to keep the content coming.

First, figure out which social media platforms you want to use regularly. You can delete, deactivate or set to private the ones you’re not planning to use. Limiting your social media reach to two or three platforms will allow you to streamline your content, tweaking it only slightly to make it work across various networks.

Decide how often you can feasibly post and stick to that. The more you post, the better but be sure not to over saturate your network, or people will get frustrated and unfollow you. Regardless of how much they like a brand, no one wants to scroll through their social media to see multiple posts in a row by the same user.

Always be thinking about where you can generate content. Jot down notes on your phone during the day if inspiration strikes and don’t be shy to snag that photo in public. One of the main reasons for social media inactivity is a lack of content to share. You may want to post one day and realize you simply don’t have the content.

Don’t fall victim to a content shortage. Accumulate good content and keep it in your back pocket for a slow period. The more online activity you present, the more you are engaging your followers and attracting new ones.

Discover What Engages Your Followers

Now that you’re posting regularly, you can gauge what is and isn’t engaging your followers. You may notice that certain posts attract a lot of traffic, comments, likes and even new followers whereas some posts seem to flounder.

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Don’t get discouraged by this. Instead, take notes. Can you see similarities in the types of posts that engage a wider audience? Post more of that! Give the people what they want.

They’re coming to your page for a reason, and if you can figure out what that reason is and lean into that, they’ll stick around, and you can cast a wider net of followers who will do the same.

Don’t forget that social media works both ways. If you want people to respond to your page, stick around and tell their friends, you have to engage back. This means liking, commenting and following others.

Your visibility grows when you’re engaged on other brand profiles. This is where new followers will see your name in the comments section or as a recent “like” and click on your profile to check out what your brand is about.

Take Advantage of the Posting Apps

Since we already know that one of the most challenging parts of creating a successful social media brand is staying consistent with your posts, why not use some of the tools available to help you streamline your platforms.

Apps like Sprout and Hootsuite allow you connect all your social media platforms together so you can post on multiple outlets at once. With these apps, you don’t have to sign into multiple accounts or post the same piece of content on several different sites.

With the ability to schedule when the posts go live, you can input enough content for the entire week on a Monday morning and let it roll out to your social media as the week progresses. This is especially helpful if you’re very busy or notice that you’re slammed with work during a time of day that posts seem to attract the most traffic.

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Keep It Consistent

In order to promote your brand, you have to know it inside and out. Know what your brand stands for, believes in and the message it’s trying to convey to your audience. Keep posts and photos within this realm. Keep things consistent both aesthetically, and in terms of what you’re writing about and topics, you’re covering.

For example, if your brand is light-hearted and fun, you won’t want to be posting a news item about today’s latest tragedy. Your followers are not visiting your page to get that information.

Think about the tone of your brand and post content that aligns with what you’re good at, what you’re selling, and what your audience comes to your page to learn about, buy or see.

Be Authentic

When you think about social media, authenticity is probably not the first word that comes to mind. Sure, we’re presenting the best version of ourselves; after all, we’re selling and promoting a company or business, and we want to entice an audience.

However, you can still put your best foot forward while remaining authentic. Social media is about connection, and people want to follow others they can relate to in some way. If you’re presenting an honest and authentic version of yourself and your brand, people can feel it, and they’ll want more.

Avoid endorsing products you wouldn’t use yourself and don’t over advertise or it will start to appear you’re solely in it for the monetary outcome. This turns people off and is likely to make them unfollow. You want to build credibility and trust with your followers so they want to stick around and go on your journey with you, wherever that may lead.

Now You Know How to Brand Yourself on Social Media!

Follow this guide for how to brand yourself on social media and watch your brand grow. Remember to stay true to your brand and yourself. Trust that you have a message to convey and align your content accordingly.

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