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7 Personal Branding Tips You Need to Know

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Do you know the personal branding tips that will help you grow your business?

Personal branding is a nebulous game, and it’s easy to get lost in all the conflicting information out there. Not all personal branding tips are created equal – that’s why we’ve created this guide so you can develop your branding strategy.

Employees have 10 times more social media followers than the companies they work for, on average. This means that your personal brand is valuable, whether you work for a company or for yourself.

Read on for the personal branding tips that will help you maximize this potential!

Why Have a Personal Brand?

When you’re developing a personal brand, you’re creating a lasting mark that’s attached to your name or your career path. This mark lets you communicate and express your personality and values, as well as your unique skills.

Everyone is capable of learning how to build a personal brand and benefiting from the results. Branding helps you stand out and succeed in your field. When you stand out, you can attract people to your services or product, as well as the message or values behind it.

In short, your personal brand reflects both you as a person and what you’re offering to the world.

The importance of personal branding tips might be obvious to an entrepreneur who runs their business. However, personal branding matters for everyone, in every industry. Personal branding tips can open up new opportunities in your career, no matter what the field is.

In fact, everyone has a personal brand. If you don’t develop it yourself, it will be developed for you by the perceptions of your followers, customers, and others around you. When you’re developing a personal brand, you’re taking action to control people’s perceptions of you.

With the right branding tips, you can get the jobs, promotions, and customers you really want. Now, let’s get the personal branding tips that will help you get there.

1. Create a Platform

Without a digital platform, it’s almost impossible to have a personal brand.

A website or the right social media site for your industry is all you need to start building that platform. Your website should incorporate your name – after all, this is a personal brand.

You can also use a combination of a website and social media accounts. Having multiple outlets is great, but only start as many social media accounts as you can keep up with.

It’s important to keep them active. Otherwise, they’re doing you no good. And keep a consistent voice across all your platforms that you’re using for your brand.

2. Find Your Unique Strengths

What are you good at, and what sets you apart from the crowd? These are the things you should base your personal brand off of.

Try to think of one thing that everyone says you’re great at. Can’t think of it? Start asking people. The more specific, the better.

3. Hone Your Abilities

After you’ve identified your strengths, your next step in personal branding is to become an expert in those things. Take what you’re good at, and take it to the next level.

You should never stop learning and continuing to hone your strengths. Become so passionate about the subject you excel at that you never want to stop learning.

4. Spread Your Knowledge

After you’ve become an expert in your field, you’ll have plenty of knowledge you can share with other people. Even as you keep learning, start teaching and sharing what you know. This will help add legitimacy to your personal brand.

Use a combination of mediums, such as videos and social media posts, to spread that knowledge. Share your writing online to get exposure and prove how knowledgeable you are.

5. Be You

Personal branding is all about expressing yourself and being who you really are.

People can easily sense if someone is being fake, and in the modern business world, artificiality is a huge turn-off for customers. People really want to see that you’re genuine: that you are who you say you are.

Don’t just jump on board with trends so you can follow the crowd. Stay aware of what’s happening in your industry, but don’t be afraid of being unconventional. Your unique style will help attract the clients and jobs you really want.

Following the crowd might seem like the “right” thing to do, but more personal branding success can be found in being a trendsetter than a trend follower. Which trend will you set?

6. Figure Out Values and Priorities

You need to know what your short- and long-term goals are, both personally and professionally. These will influence the best approach for your personal brand, including how to divide up your time and what projects to focus on.

7. Develop Your Persona

Your persona is created in part by your emotional appeal. What are the features of your personality that will resonate with your target customers? Why will people be attracted to your brand?

You’ll also need to figure out how you can describe yourself from a branding perspective. This will help you generate your online presence and post consistent content.

Finally, make sure to incorporate your unique specialty into your persona.

8. Be Consistent

Consistency is important in branding. Specifically, you need to consistently be excellent.

There are many voices competing for attention in every industry, and people will gravitate toward those who have a track record of great work. Use your strengths and let your work speak for you. Highlight your accomplishments and experience publicly. This lets your followers see the kind of consistency they’re looking for.

9. Be Transparent

You’ll appear more authentic if you share behind-the-scenes thoughts and feelings. Be transparent about your process. Don’t pander to potential critics – speak with your genuine voice.

How to Use These Personal Branding Tips

Are you ready to start creating the brand that will move your career forward? These personal branding tips will help you do it.

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