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What Ecommerce Businesses Need to Know About Amazon vs Google SEO

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It’s an obvious fact that Google is the world’s top search engine.

However, Amazon is quickly becoming one of its biggest competitors.

Amazon has, in fact, begun to rise as one of the biggest search engines available.

There are millions of users that search via Amazon every day to find products. And naturally, you might be looking at your SEO strategy and wondering – which of these do I focus on?

Down below, we will take a look at the prime differences between Amazon vs Google and which one you should put your efforts towards.

Amazon SEO – How Does It Work? 

Amazon has become a very popular search engine when dealing with products.

Huge amount of shoppers actually look to Amazon for a product, despite having found it elsewhere. It’s a big fact that many people go straight to Amazon for the things they’re looking to buy.

And while Amazon is heavily e-commerce based, it can still be considered a search engine because users are indeed searching for items. The huge amount of people that go to Amazon to find products mean that you shouldn’t leave it out when you are looking to earn more conversions for your business.

To boost search engine optimization on Amazon, there are some things you have to be aware of.

Firstly, you have to make sure you find relevant keywords for the products you’re selling. This will help to rank for the correct search results.

You have to make sure to choose various keywords and integrate them into your listing correctly. There are other factors that can have an effect on the products you list in the search results, too.

Reviews and Conversions

Amazon has a very heavy focus on reviews. This heavy focus is because Amazon wants customers to find the best products that they can so they will convert more easily. Meaning that you need great reviews for your own products in order to rank better amongst competitors.

People looking for items online are more likely to buy them if you have a four-star review or higher. These products get higher rankings because they have a higher chance of converting. Your ranking spot will also be based on the actual conversions made.

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For example, if you get plenty of traffic but you don’t convert much, it will affect your product listing and potentially lower your rank. This will, in turn, make competitors’ items rank more highly.

This factor is very important during the holiday season, as certain items have very high search volumes.

However, people do look at multiple items before they decide which ones they want and this is why it is important to be able to rank highly.

The ranking system that Amazon has is self-contained. This means that the performance of your product is only relevant if it is listed on their website. Your own website and other campaigns you have will not affect the ranking Amazon gives you.

Therefore, in order to keep a high position in Amazon search results, you have to make sure your ratings are high and your conversions are too.

Google SEO – How Does It Work?

The majority of people associate SEO with Google. And this is for good reason – Google is still the most used search engine available. Google is the first port of call for finding products, businesses, and information.

Similarly to Amazon, SEO within Google is determined by keywords in order to rank for search results. Again, having the right keywords allows you to reach more leads for your business.

When conducting searches, users will select specific keywords to get the results they need. Therefore, your keywords need to be in line with the keywords of users.

There are many factors that influence their SEO on Google. As well as the keywords mention beforehand, backlinks are also an important aspect to help your website to rank more highly.

Backlinks are links from other sites that are determined by Google as credible.

Being able to earn more backlinks for your own website will raise the authority you have on Google. This is because Google can see that other sites with authority are linking to your page, in turn, making more leads find you.

Rather than conversions, Google has a focus on clicks. This is because they aim to provide users with valuable results. This process is also determined by page speed and bounce rate.

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The slower a site loads, the more it is penalized for page rank. 

Bounce rate is how long someone is on your site before they leave. This means that you have to keep track of issues on the technical side of things in order to maintain a decent ranking.

Amazon Vs Google – Which Is Better?

Looking at the differences between these two search engines, you may be thinking about which one you should use for your own business.

The truth of the matter is, both platforms have different capabilities. The choice you make will depend on the audience you have and the intentions for your campaign.

Google is very good for getting leads that are just starting their search and still don’t actually know what they need.

Amazon, on the other hand, is good for reaching people that already know what they want and need to find the right product to match their needs.

You should also bear in mind what your own goal is.

For example, do you want to promote your business or do you want to promote your products? 

If going for the former, you should prioritize your SEO for Google. Google is better for marketing your business in order to get leads in the door.

If you’re really looking to make sales, having your SEO on Amazon will work wonders. Again, Amazon works great for reaching leads that are already in purchase mode.

Amazon Vs Google – Why Not Both?

Although both of these sites have strengths and weaknesses, used correctly in combination they are powerful tools to boost your business.

Not only will you be able to get more leads, but you can have Google SEO boost your product listings on Amazon for more conversions. Rather than thinking in terms of Amazon vs Google, you can use them together to build impactful and effective campaigns.

Check in with us regularly for more insights on how you can maximize your marketing!