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Business Voicemail Greeting Help: A Guide on Everything You Should Know

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Does this sound more professional — or this?

If you’re bouncing ideas off your friends and you aren’t sure how to create a professional business voicemail greeting, you’re not alone. Most people find it frustrating to create a new voicemail greeting so they leave an old greeting on their phone.

Not only are stale greetings less than impressive but they could also be confusing if the information is out of date. Instead of confusing and underwhelming the people calling you, why not wow them? Continue reading this article and we’ll go through the best practices of creating a voicemail that shows your true professionalism.

Do It the Easy Way

If you are over trying to make your voicemail greeting on your own, you can always hire someone to do it for you. If you look at this homepage, you’ll see you can hire talent to take care of your voicemail greeting so you don’t have to.

This does have the added benefit of making you sound even more professional and important but it could put some distance between you and the caller. Depending on your goals, this could be a good option for you.

If you want to do your own voicemail, the following tips will help you get it done so you can stop stressing yourself out.

Start Off on the Right Foot

When someone calls your phone, they want to get you on the first try, so they likely are a little put off that they have to wait. Since you don’t want people to feel impatient or annoyed, you should start your greeting with either a “Thank you” or an “I’m sorry.”

Depending on the caller’s expectation, you’ll need to adjust your greeting accordingly. If the caller expects you to answer quickly, like at a store then you should apologize for not being able to answer. If the caller expects you to call them back because they are calling your office or cell phone, thanking them for calling will work fine.

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Provide Important Information Quickly

Once you state your apology or gratitude, you should immediately provide essential information. State your name or business name so they know if they’ve reached the right number. You should also state whether you want them to leave a message or not and when they should expect you to call them back.

Make Your Voicemail Short & Sweet

If you make your voicemail too long, some people are going to hang up and won’t leave a voicemail for you. The best practice is to make the voicemail as short as possible without leaving out important information.

Keep in mind that people don’t have long attention spans and long voicemails are likely to annoy them. Try to keep your voicemail at 20 seconds to 30 seconds if you want to encourage people to leave a voicemail for you. If your voicemail is 10 seconds or less, you might be speaking too quickly and rushing your message.

Know Why People Are Calling You

When you’re creating your voicemail, keep in mind why people are calling you. If you’re selling something, you can use your voicemail to reinforce that they’ve made the right decision calling you.

You could say — “Thank you for calling! Your call is important to us. You’ve made the right decision for your ABC needs. We provide high-quality XYZ and will call you back within the hour. Leave a message with your name and phone number.”

When you keep in mind why people are calling you, you can craft the voicemail in a way that it will help in the sales process or other objectives you’re trying to achieve.

Below are some other examples you can use for your voicemail greeting.

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Voicemail Greeting Examples

You can use these templates to create your own voicemail greeting. Make sure the greeting you choose matches your brand.

“You’ve reached the voicemail of (name), (title) of (business name). Thank you for calling. Please leave your name, phone number and the best time to call. I will give you a call within 1 business day. Thank you and have a good day.”

“You’ve reached the voicemail of (business name). If you’re getting this recording, it’s either outside of business hours or we are helping another valued customer. We apologize for missing your call. Leave your name, phone number and the best time to contact you and we will call you back right away. Thank you and have a good day.”

Choosing the Right Voicemail for You

When you’re deciding which voicemail to use, don’t choose something because other people like it. While it is good to get feedback from your peers, you need to focus more on what is going to build your brand and what is going to serve your customers best.

You can try a couple of different voicemail messages to see which one does best with your callers. You can tell which one is doing better by how many people are leaving voicemails with either greeting. Make sure to give it enough time if you are doing tests on each of the voicemails so you can get a true gauge of which greeting is the most effective.

Your Business Voicemail Greeting & Beyond

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