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10 Simple Designs to Use for Website Landing Pages

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While having a complicated website might have been something people desired in the past, simple designs are winning out these days. Overcomplicating your website design, content or any other aspect of your business is going to hurt you vs. help you.

When you think about your website design, you should keep the user experience in mind as well as how the look of the website fits your brand and other important things. We understand you might need some help and inspiration to figure out the best designs for your site and we’re here to help.

Continue reading this article to learn the best simple designs for your website landing page.

1. Easy to Read Headlines

When you’re working on your web design, you need to focus on creating easy to read headlines. If your website doesn’t have easy to read headlines, your visitors are likely confused about where they should go and what different section of your website are about.

Don’t have too many headlines but the ones that you do have, make sure people know what they are and what their role on the page is.

2. Clear Calls to Action

Landing pages are meant to help people take action. You shouldn’t be shy with your call to action on your landing page. People want to know what you want them to do.

Create calls to action that are both text and graphics so you can get the most people to click on them and take action.

3. Stay on Point With the Landing Page’s Purpose

Your landing page shouldn’t be all over the place. When you create your landing page, you need to know what you want people to do. Do you want them to opt-in to your mailing list? Or maybe you want them to make a purchase?

Whatever your goal is, don’t write anything or post any images that don’t support what you’re trying to get people to do. 

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4. Consistent Branding

When you’re designing the page, you should keep it on-brand so people who are familiar with your brand continue to build trust with your company. Branding is more than your logo and colors. When you’re creating your landing page design, think about what you stand for and if the landing page is conveying that message.

5. White Space

Don’t think you need to make your website so busy. While it is easy to think that you need to put as many ads on your site as possible or direct people to your products page by using every available spot on your website, that’s not the case.

White space is helpful and keeps people’s brains from going into overload mode. When you’re designing your website, make sure to work in margins and padding so your website has a clean look.

6. Decrease the Number of Choices

If you give your visitors too many choices, not only will they be slow to make decisions but they might just get overwhelmed and click away. Calls to action help people make their decisions faster but make sure you don’t give them multiple calls to action.

7. Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are a good way to help users navigate through your site. Breadcrumbs show you the path of a page. If you visit the category that is “business” and you click through to an article that is in the category and it’s about “how to grow your business,” you would still be able to see where you’d been so you could click on it and visit it again if you wanted to.

8. Use Color & Contrast to Help You

When you’re designing your website, you should use color and contrast to help draw attention to the things you want people to notice most. If you have a black and white website but you use pink, red, green, blue or another bright color, these colors should be used strategically.

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You might use these colors for the calls to actions you’ve created.

9. Animate Popups & Top Bars

When you see popups on a site, you might not think twice about them. Maybe you weren’t interested right away or you wanted to see something else on the site. Everyone gets distracted easily but when people stay on your site for a while, you want to use animations on popups and top bars.

Animations get people’s attention and help them make a decision on what is important to them. If your popup or top bar just stays in place, their brain might not think it is important.

10. Put Similar Elements Together

When you want people to pay attention to a certain part of your website like a purchase button, you can put similar elements together to help you. Even if one element doesn’t directly relate to the other element, it could cause people to click on it because they are similar.

Let’s say you have a fun story about someone that was positively affected by your company. You could put a purchase button next to it with a similar shape or color. After people read your story, they may be more willing to take the next step and click on the purchase button.

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