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10 Local SEO Tips That Bring Customers to Your Door

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Why are so many local SEO tips so weak and powerless? The problem with local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is that it hits a plateau rather quickly. Once you are signed up with Google My Business, you will rank highly in your local area, but then you have to fight against the companies that have been listed locally on Google for years before you. That is why it is so difficult to rank up further once you get on page one of the Google search engine results for your local area. Here are a few tips that may help tilt things a little further in your direction.

1. Post Ads on Local Websites

As you will learn as you read this article, the biggest benefit to your local SEO is to get other people in your local area to visit your website. The benefits of gaining local attention will become clear as you organically rise through the search engine results. Posting ads on other local websites is the easiest way to get locals to visit your website.

2. Take Advantage of Adverting at Local Events

One of the great things about this local SEO tip is that your competition is not as fierce as you think. Unless you are trying to sponsor a large sporting event, then the chances are that you can get your website, your banners, flyers, etc., into the event easily and without having to pay extra to outfox your competitors.

3. Sign Up to Google My Business

You can sign up for free, enter your business address, business details, opening times, and a few pictures of your business. After that, whenever somebody types in your business type along with your local area, then your business will appear. Your business will also appear if somebody searches for you buy name both locally, and many times nationally.

4. Adopt a Search Experience Optimization Strategy

Your search engine optimization needs to be elevated as a whole if you wish to rank up the local search engine results. This means focusing on the user more. Go for a search experience optimization strategy where you always put your user first. This often means doing things like reducing how many ads appear on pages, how you structure your website, and even how many popups your website has.

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5. Sell Products, Services, and Reasons to Visit

As you are selling your services and products, you need to give people a reason to visit. When your users are looking at your website, they are asking themselves, “Why not buy online?” You need to sell your products/services as a priority, but your second priority needs to be giving people a reason to put their shoes on and come and visit you. Your third priority is convincing them to visit you rather than your local competitor.

6. Guest Post on Local Websites and Promote Your Business

The great thing about this local SEO tip is that it doesn’t need to be big branded websites, nor does it have to be a new website where you guest post. Times have changed now so that even guest posting on a local blogger’s website will help you rank up the local search engine results, especially if that blogger is already prominent on your local SERPS.

7. Google Ads Can Help Draw in the Right People

The attraction of Google Ads in local SEO strategies is that it is fairly simple when compared to most other affiliate programs. Plus, you can use demographics settings so that your ads only show locally. This means that only locals will see and click them. Getting locals to your website may create fans, who return again and who refer you to their friends.

8. Create an About Us Page Leveraging These Local SEO Tips

Give people the same information you gave them on Google My Business, including your addresses, opening times, and such. Also, give them

• details of the local events you are involved in
• links to the guest posts you have written for local websites
• messages received from local influences.

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Many of the tips mentioned in this article may be added to your About Us page to make it even more local-user friendly. You can even add links to local social media groups and hashtags.

9. Join Local Social Media Groups and Hashtags

Do not limit yourself to industry-related groups. For example, you may be running a local car valet service, but there are probably second-hand selling groups on Facebook in your local area that are loaded with your potential customers. Join up with, follow, and group up with anything related to your local area where your potential customers may congregate.

10. Exploit Your Local Influencers

Are there influencers in your area? It can be hard to tell because social media influences are all over the country, and they are not usually happy to give their location other than giving their country of origin. However, on the other side of the coin, if you find the influencer very easily, then other locals will also probably find the influencer fairly quickly. Work with influencers to send people to your website from your local area.

Remember The Benefits Of Local Visitors

To reiterate the biggest benefits of things like Google Ads, influencers, local events, it is that you are drawing in people from your local area. Those are the same people who will mention you to their local friends, who will post messages about you in local forums, who will share content from your website and link to you from their websites. Getting locals to visit your website may not seem like one of the most powerful local SEO tips, but It ranks you up the search engine in your local area in an organic manner.

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