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5 Clever Tips on Driving More Social Media Traffic to Your Website

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Looking for new ways to drive traffic to your website? SEO might be a surefire way to get free traffic, but today there are many other tools that can give you a competitive edge.

Social media has the power to drive millions of free users to your website at a ridiculously low cost. Read on to discover how to deliver a ton of social media traffic to your website.

1. Engage Instead of Spamming

The first and perhaps most important tip is to engage with your followers. It may sound obvious, but many brands literally ignore their own followers and dish out automated spam.

Social spam is a real issue, and users today have learned to just ignore spammy posts. On the other hand, you will gain a lot of popularity if you engage directly and present a friendly face.

The only way to expand your followership is to post regular updates and have someone to personally interact with your followers. Just one or two posts a day (30-60 posts each month) will do the trick.

2. Use Social Media Ads and Paid Promotions

Social media ads are the most efficient way to drive social media traffic. Yes, they can be expensive, but they yield solid results. Sponsored content and paid promotions allow you to target your specific audience and expose your brand to millions.

Today, all social media platforms offer sponsored content and paid ad options. Depending on the nature of your company, you might want to focus on one social media platform, instead of launching paid ad campaigns on all major platforms.

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3. Leverage Organic Social Media Traffic

Paid promotions and social media advertisements are great, but what if you could gain the same leverage for virtually nothing? Organic social media traffic through influencers is a powerful new approach that get you enormous brand exposure. If you can get a social media celebrity to endorse one of your products, their followers will become your leads.

Influencers are most effective through Instagram and YouTube. Learn more about how to get traffic through Instagram here. This route requires some serious PR skills, but pays in dividends.

4. Utilize Visual Content

Visual content dominates social media. Memes, which can be a simple image, can get viral and reach tens of millions across the world.

That’s why it’s essential to enrich your posts with images or videos. Statistics show that posts with images are much more likely to be shared.

5. Call to Action!

Finally, never forget to include a link, a button, or some other call to action that leads back to your website. This is what will drive the most traffic and increase your conversions.

Even if you have a strong brand, you can’t go wrong when sharing your links through social media. This makes it easier for users to find your site. As a rule of thumb, remember that the fewer clicks it takes to reach your site, the more traffic you will get.

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