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Trend Upwards! How to Create the Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy for Business Growth


Today’s business market is flooded with different avenues and techniques to get your company’s marketing strategy on the right path.

There are more ways than ever for businesses to reach their target market and produce ROI on a whole different level.

Problem is, how do you know which ones your company should go after to see the greatest returns?

Which avenues, of all the ones being advertised, are the ones that will help you reach the customers in your industry and gain a competitive edge?

To create a strong digital marketing strategy, you must first understand the best strategies to consider.

Designing Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Business Growth

Every trendy marketing campaign feasts on the digital features at its disposal.

Here are the ones to get your strategy started.

Web Design

Want your marketing strategy to thrive? It all starts with the nucleus of your company’s online presence: your website.

Simply put, this is the marketing tool that all of your advertising, online marketing campaigns and social media outlets will trace back to.

Because of that, it’s important to have the site looking sharp and crisp at all times.

First off, make sure your site adjusts well to customers that visit the site from their mobile phones. 

Secondly, make sure to hire a web designer with SEO experience to push your company’s website ahead of the competition on Google searches.

How nice would it be to have a passive marketing campaign directing traffic to your site through SEO and keywords ON TOP of your digital marketing ads? Sounds like a home run!

Email Marketing

Those that tell you email marketing is dead are lying to you.

In fact, many experts say that email is just as important to the marketing equation as social media, if not more so.

At its core, email marketing is a way to generate more leads and quicken the sales cadence.

But it’s also a phenomenal way to push other aspects of your marketing campaign unanimously. 

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Trying to get more followers for your Instagram account to justify a social media campaign? Great, push your IG account on an email and attach it in every email signature.

Attempting to generate more leads for your sales team? Perfect, start and referral reward system and push that sucker out with an email blast or two (or three).

You get the idea… the digital marketing world is growing rapidly, and email is growing with it!

Social Media

What a world, huh? 

Who would’ve thought back in 2005 that social media would become as integral to Corporate America as it has?

It’s not just enough to simply have an account on every social platform. You have to push it constantly and deliver new content faster than ever.

That can be done through a mixed bag of hiring influencers, pushing out videos, hashtags, and boasting your brand to the world to name a few.

Even constant content may not be able to get you over the edge.

Should you continue posting and adding to your story? Most certainly. But 2019 is all about dares, baby!

Give your brand a social media voice it’s never had before!

Search Engine Optimization

While this was already briefly mentioned in the “web design” portion, it’s so important that it’s worth a further explanation.

Google is a fickle thing. 

It has a complicated algorithm installed to consider your company’s usage of individualistic content, embedded links, and so forth. 

That means you need to be on top of your game with any and all content on your sites such as blogs, articles, and descriptions… SEO it all!

Granted, it’s always beneficial to have an SEO expert on your side.

But it will help you and your team to read up on the latest SEO secrets to rank your website, and see what you can be incorporating.

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Local Search Marketing

“But I’m running a small business—how much can SEO and Google search actually help me?”

In short: a lot.

Think of it this way: when you’re looking for somewhere to eat Italian food on a Saturday night, how do you go about finding those Italian restaurants nearby?

You Google them.

Now with the aid of free Google features, your company can be the first to pop up when nearby customers search for your service.

Pair that with a chain of small business growth partners, and you’ve got yourself a dynamite combination.

Want to conquer the world with your brand? It all starts by placing a flag on your home-field territory!


Last but not least is one of the most crucial marketing tools in your toolbelt: Remarketing.

As you know, marketing isn’t just about getting clients to your site one time… it’s about building a returning client base.

Even if users aren’t convinced on their first visit to your site, that doesn’t mean they won’t be the second, third, or fourth go around.

Such is the use of marketing tools such as cookies which help you stay in the consumer’s mind and draw them into revisiting your site.

Don’t just send the frontlines of your new marketing strategy towards the initial visit of your target market. 

Make sure to give plenty of firepower to the remarketing side of things as well!

Build Your Brand!

As with any great digital marketing strategy, building your brand can help solidify you as a goliath in your industry’s online marketplace.

Take the time to properly weigh out your plan of attack and consider which options best align with your customer avatar.

Be sure to visit our site frequently to stay up-to-date with the latest in digital marketing, branding, and social media.

Best of luck! Gear up with a marketing strategy so fierce, your competition will kneel before you.