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9 Signs You Need to Start Looking For a Digital Marketing Specialist


Under what circumstances should you hire a digital marketing specialist? In reality, there are plenty of reasons why, but the real question is, under which circumstances would they offer the best value for money and return on investment. Below are a few situations in which you would benefit the most from a digital marketing specialist.

1. If You Are Competing and Not Making an Impact

There is an odd gray zone within the realms of internet marketing. There is the period where you start out where you easily gain traffic in modest numbers and there is the more mature period when you are spending thousands on Internet marketing and making your brand a dominant force online. Then, there is that position between both poles.

It is the marketing area where most businesses sit. They are able to maintain a fair amount of traffic, but it is always an uphill struggle. This is because most businesses are in an intermediate position, which is why competition is so fierce for things such as affiliate advertising bids, website links, social media penetration, and so forth.

A digital marketing specialist is best suited to make an impact in this intermediate area. An expert is able to assess the landscape, seek out new opportunities, and counter some of the marketing elements your competitors are using.

2. If Your Target Audience Is Difficult to Get to Without a Digital Marketing Specialist

One of the most annoying reasons why a company cannot scale up its online marketing is because its target audience is so difficult to get to. For example, a lot of noise is made about social media advertising, but there are millions of people who spend only an hour or two on social media per week. Most of that is spent on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This means that no amount of social media marketing is going to give you access to your target audience.

The means and methods for gaining access to such a target audience may be outside of the grasp of a small business, which is why a marketing specialist may be helpful. Even if the target audience is truly out of reach, an expert may be able to show how to appeal to other targets so that the company may grow in a different direction.

3. If You Are Getting the Traffic and Not the Conversions

This is another common problem and it is exacerbated by the fact that it takes a dedicated marketing expert to figure out what is wrong. Reasons for lots of traffic and no conversions vary. They can be as simple as a newsletter sign-up button not working or a shopping cart not working. They can be as complex as inefficient sales funnels where the top of your funnels are betraying the selling points at the bottom.

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4. If You Are Really Struggling to Scale Your Online Business Upwards

As long as your problem is not a technical one or an inherent internal business problem, then a digital marketing specialist should be able to expose areas into which you may expand. Such as showing you how to
• appeal to different target groups
• maximize your current efforts
• areas where you should compete more aggressively.

5. If You Do Not Have the Skills In-House for the More Technical Aspects

Even to an intermediate, some aspects of digital marketing are very technical. Things such as getting your video onto certain websites and not others is rather tricky, and things such as adding CSS to an image so that it acts a certain way when users click it is difficult for people who have no idea how to code in any language.

There is an argument to be made for teaching and training your in-house staff, but in many cases, the need for more advanced technical expertise only occurs now and again, (aka too infrequently to warrant training a member of staff).

6. If Your Online Reputation Has Taken a Big Hit Recently

As Sylvester Stallone would say, “Sometimes it is better to take the hits and keep moving forward.” However, healing the damage from an online reputation hit is a very slow and difficult process.

Many games on Steam have had good reviews and then changed their game, angered many people, and have then lost all their support because their one positive Steam rating has gone sour. A digital marketing specialist will help speed up the recovery process.

This also includes if your website has gone down, had a ransomware attack, or needs to be reset in some way. For example, this gaming website moved from Yola to WordPress, but Yola ended every page with .PHP. For those familiar with WordPress, ending pages with .PHP is difficult, to say the least. Each page had to be uploaded again.

This means every external link pointing inwards was useless, every page indexed in Google pointed nowhere, and the website had been down for days. It was in a sorry state of affairs, but a marketing specialist rekindled its traffic numbers very quickly by focusing entirely on gaming forums where the most hardcore gaming fans resided. Without help, the website would have taken years to recover from such a devastating event.

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7. If Your Free Promotional Methods Have Plateaued

There are many free website promotion methods available, but if you have a dedicated staff of people working all week on said methods, you will eventually hit a plateau. This is a point where traffic numbers, conversion numbers, and social metrics remain consistent irrespective of how much “extra” effort is put in.

In short, this means your business has come to the point where any campaign expansion is going to involve significant investment. A marketing expert will show which directions to take to get the most for your money and will help you avoid investing in marketing methods that have a low ROI.

8. If a New Campaign Requires Outside Expertise

Perhaps you are moving from one type of advertising to another. There may be a need for some outside expertise to both get the campaign started, and to introduce the in-house staff to the new way of doing things. For example, something like moving from image-based ads to video ads can be very difficult if you do not know what you are doing.

9. If You Cannot Figure out What Is Wrong

Let’s say your digital marketing success has reached its peak and you cannot push any higher. You try many different things, but nothing seems to work. This is when a digital marketing specialist may be able to shed some light on the problem or come up with new ways to expand and scale up your online marketing.

A Digital Marketing Specialist Is Not A Magic Wand

Do not assume that if you have a problem that hiring a digital marketing specialist is the solution. It is not a bandage that you can throw across any problem that comes your way.

You need to take an active part in what goals should be achieved, what metrics should be considered, and how future marketing actions should occur. With that said, if you are enduring one of the nine conditions mentioned above, then a digital marketing specialist may be very valuable to your company.

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