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What’s an Infographic and How Do You Design One?


Have you ever had to attend a presentation and the slides were too wordy? You likely found it hard to concentrate. Walls of text like that can turn anyone off.

If you want to present information without losing your audience’s attention, infographics are an effective and attractive alternative.

You may be asking, “What’s an infographic?” 

Read on to find out and discover some tips on how to design one!

What’s an Infographic?

An infographic, or information graphic, is a series of pictures, charts, and short blurbs of text that portray information in an organized fashion that is easy to understand and can be read quickly.

Infographics have the ability to summarize the most complex data while keeping everything digestible.

The point of an infographic is to represent data and educate the reader, but you’ll have to get creative to keep your readers engaged and interested!

Elements of an Infographic

When creating an infographic, you first need to decide what information you’re going to include. The infographic will also need a title, so include a large header.

Select text that is precise. Infographics that are too wordy may deter your audience from paying attention. Your text should be straightforward and not dominate the infographic.

Create or choose pictures or clip art that have a similar style. Images will enhance the text, draw readers’ attention, and make the infographic less intimidating.

You may need to include a chart to further illustrate the data you’re presenting.

Choose an attractive color scheme, but try not to make it too colorful. Three or four colors is enough to make the infographic attractive without being too distracting.

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Know Your Audience

Before creating your information graphic, you’ll have to decide how to tailor it to best benefit the readers. Adults in a professional setting will be able to handle more text, but you may want to rely on charts and pictures to present your information in other settings.

Knowing what will hold your audience’s attention will also help you choose appropriate images. Young students will respond well to fun characters, but business people will appreciate a chart that condenses the information.

Making Infographics Easy

You can draft your infographic by hand, but there are also online graphic design programs to make the creation process simple. These programs allow you to place text, select basic clip art and plan the layout of your information graphic.

However, if you need additional help getting started, you can choose from Adobe Spark’s infographics templates. They’re free to use and are a great source of inspiration!

Using Infographics to Educate

From bloggers to business owners to educators, infographics are a helpful visual aid that can illustrate ideas when words aren’t enough. Creating one can enhance a presentation and leave your audience with a powerful message they’ll remember.

Now you know the answer to the question, “What’s an infographic?” so it’s time to make one! Your infographic might even go viral!

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