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10 Microsoft Office Add-Ins You Should Install to Boost Productivity


Did you know Microsoft Office comes on top as the leading package of productivity apps in the world? In fact, there are about 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users and about 60 million Office 365 Commercial customers today.

Using these productivity apps can answer a lot of your office needs. But there are still plugins and tools that can improve and enhance your experience in using them. 

This is a major change given how Microsoft Office was once a closed platform. Nowadays, there are numerous plugins you can download and install to enhance your experience.

Don’t know which plugins to start with? Let’s look into some of the Microsoft Office Add-Ins that can enhance and improve your user experience today.

1. Office 365 Add-Ins Work Hub

Before downloading any Microsoft Office Add-Ins, you need something that takes advantage of Office 365’s avenue for collaboration and productivity. For this, you need a capable add-in that makes all of this possible.

This is where the AddIn 365 Work Hub comes to play. This productivity tool opens the channel for productivity and collaboration with other employees., made possible through its personalized dashboard.

The advantage of this is that it works regardless of device, time zone, or location.

2. Office Tabs

Are you the type of person that works on multiple files on an Office program in one go? You might find this particular addition useful. Instead of multiple windows to switch to, you can now access them by using tabs instead.

With Office Tabs, managing your way through multiple files becomes streamlined and easy. All you need is to switch from one tab to another, reducing the clutter.

You can get this add-in for free for your Microsoft Office Suite.

3. Wikipedia

Feeling the hassle of switching from your browser to your Word document or PowerPoint presentation? You can make it a bit more streamlined through the use of the Wikipedia add-in for Microsoft Office.

Instead of jumping between Office and your browser, this add-in can help you find the information you need for reference in one place. This provides an easier experience with putting in reference quotes and images. 

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This makes writing presentations and documents far easier with the Wikipedia pane present. You can get it for free too.

4. Grammarly

Microsoft Word’s spell checker could be rather off sometimes and may seem lacking for others. To back this up, here is an add-in that can help you spot what the native spell checker could not. This is where Grammarly comes in.

This add-in can help you in spotting errors that the default spell checker couldn’t spot. It can point out the complex issues like dangling modifiers and passive voice.

You can also tailor-fit your experience as over time. Grammarly picks up and learns your writing style then makes the adjustments.

The Grammarly add-in for Word is also free. Get it right away.

5. I Should Be Writing

This is also another add-in that works well for writers and authors who choose to use Microsoft Word. With this add-in, it allows you to set your word count and timer to help you track your progress with a task. It’s a fitting motivator when you need to reach a goal for the day.

On top of that, you can also compare your progress with others using the Write With Others setting. It should give you the nudge that you need to make the word crawl and push with reaching the goal.

Consider getting this if you want a motivator for your writing. If you need to reach a deadline, get the I Should Be Writing add-in today. 

6. Sticky Text

Do you find writing the same text over and over again to be a pain? It’s time you give the Sticky Text add-in a shot. This helps you with saving words, phrases, and paragraphs that you use frequently.

When you need to put these when you need them, you can simply drop them into the document with a click of a mouse. The fact that you can get this add-in for free is a boon in itself.

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7. Abbreviation List

Another helpful add-in for academic papers would be the Abbreviation List.

With this add-in, you can ensure that you use abbreviations right. It stands as a helpful tool to help you remember how to use them and ensure you follow the right rules in usage. It even helps you see the undefined abbreviations as well.

It can scan your document to spot any abbreviations.

8. Copyleaks

Do you want to make sure you did not plagiarize what you write? You can use this Microsoft Office add-in to scan your document. With the Copyleaks Plagiarism Checker, you can avoid that charge and ensure your integrity.

9. Translator for Outlook

Are you drafting emails that need to be in a different language beyond your command? You can give the Translator for Outlook add-in a shot in filling that need.

Learning new languages can be a challenge, especially when trying to reach a level of fluency close to that of a native speaker. But with the translator, it uses the official Microsoft Translator API. This allows for easier switching between more than 60 languages. 

10. PayPal for Outlook

Now if you look at sending money in the fastest way possible, consider the idea of getting the PayPal add-in for Outlook. This should allow you to process payments and money transfers easier. 

All you need to do is enter the recipient’s email address on the add-in. The app will take care of the rest of the process. You can also get this for free.

Enhance Your Experience with Microsoft Office Add-Ins Today

You can enhance your experience in using Microsoft Office programs with these add-ins. It makes your tasks easier and even streamlines the process for you. Try out these Microsoft Office Add-Ins today and you’ll find the change rather pleasant to work with.

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