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8 Smart Tips on When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Outsource Marketing for Your Business


Is there part of you that wants to heave the entire responsibility for your outsource marketing on somebody else’s shoulders? You are not the first. The whole reason why outsource marketing companies exist is because people do not want to take on the burden of marketing. Here are some very good and very bad reasons why you should and shouldn’t use an outsource marketing company.

1. The Top Reason Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Marketing

If you do not have a definite plan and/or a definite and quantifiable goal, then outsourcing marketing is a very bad idea. Letting an outsource marketing company come up with your goals and priorities is like asking a small child to be a security guard for your candy shop.

If you cannot give the marketing company clear directive, specific goals and if you offer no quantifiable way to check their work, then you are wasting your money.

2. The Top Reason Why You Should Outsource Marketing

The biggest reason is that experience is like bars of gold. Allow me to explain with a simple example. I once spent five months creating my most perfect YouTube video. It was my first YouTube video and I was very proud of it.

Once I posted the video on YouTube, I went to work promoting it with Google Ads (called Google AdWords in those days). I promoted it with Bing, with Facebook paid ads, by paying Twitter influencers, and much more. I followed the proverbial rule book when it came to promoting my video, and yet it failed.

I have since created over 300 YouTube videos and over 80 successful YouTube promotional campaigns. Looking back, there were hundreds of things I did wrong both with my first video and the way I marketed it, but there was no way I could have known because I did not have the experience.

There are marketing companies that have years of raw experience, industry experience, and personal experience. The biggest reason why you should outsource your marketing is that they can apply their sheer weight of experience to your campaign, and if done correctly, can add great value to your marketing campaigns.

3. Con of Outsourcing – It Takes Too Long to Find the Best Marketing Company

The best marketing outsourcing is so difficult to find because marketers specialize in marketing, even if they are bad at it. In other words, a company may be terrible at promoting your company, but because they spend all day marketing themselves, they are able to appear good, effective, and efficient, when really you are being sold hot air and smoke.

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What’s more, even if a marketing company was perfect for your partner company, it may not be right for you. Finding the right company is a little like panning for gold. You spend a long time brushing away the dirt until you find that nugget of gold.

4. Pro of Outsourcing – Having Somebody Responsible for Results

As a growing business, there is a great need to delegate both tasks and responsibility. When you are outsourcing your marketing, you are handing responsibility to another party.

If they do not provide results, then you do not have to go through the laborious task of retraining or firing, you simply cancel your subscription to the marketing company and you find another one.

5. Pro of Outsourcing – It’s Necessary for Hard-To-Cultivate Skills

Creating high-quality video ads is very different. You can try to hire a fantastic video creator to work on your staff but finding the right person with the right skills is difficult and expensive. Yet, if you try to create your own video ads, or your own tutorial videos, or whatever, then they are probably going to look terrible, be terrible, and turn potential website visitors away.

Some skills simply need to be outsourced, such as graphic design, programming, animation, video creation and so forth. If you want better quality visual ads, then it may be necessary to hire an outside marketing company.

6. Con of Outsourcing – There Is A Risk to Your Online Reputation

There is a very real and powerful risk to hiring an outside agent. Feel sorry for the pre-Google-Hummingbird-update webmasters who used SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies that used black hat methods that resulted in said websites being removed from Google’s index.

These days, a rogue SEO company is not going to bury your business, but a poor quality marketing company may do difficult-to-repair damage. This is especially true in an age where online reviews are so powerful (think Yelp, Amazon reviews, Trust Pilot), etc., and in an age where people are social media are actively looking for reasons to feel insulted (triggered) and kick up a fuss for a little attention.

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7. Pro of Outsourcing – They May Have Contacts That You Do Not

If we are talking about hiring a digital marketing company as opposed to a general-purpose marketing agency, then the biggest benefit may be the contacts that the digital marketer has in its back pocket. For example, you may try for months to get a guest post on a major international website like Fox Business, yet the digital marketing company you hire has frequent access to said website and can have your content posted there within a few days.

The marketing company may have similar contacts in important directories, it may have a team of people willing to write positive reviews about your company, and it may have enough pull to convince social media influencers to promote your website.

8. Con of Outsourcing – There Are Less Expensive Options

In reality, there are many ways to promote your website for free, and there are plenty of skills you can learn to market your business successfully. One of the reasons why you shouldn’t use an external marketing company is because you can do the job yourself. The question is just how much of your time are you prepared to invest into making yourself a better marketer?

The Conclusion is that Sometimes, Outsourcing is Just Darn Necessary

For all the horror stories you read about people who outsource marketing and it ruins their company, you have to admit there are many occasions where an outside marketing company is the only realistic option.

You are not expected to know everything. After all, you do not do your own dentistry or car repair or heart surgery. You look to an outside agent, and sometimes your business needs help from the outside to reach its potential.

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