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Why Automating Emails Generates Revenue and How to Get Started Today

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Automating emails for marketing purposes is one of the most popular sales methods utilized today. Among the top reasons why email is so loved is that they enjoy astonishingly high “open-rates”.

On average, people open 50% of the emails that they see on their mobile devices. If recipients bump into your email on a weekend, that number can rise up to 60%.

Try getting those kinds of eyeballs with any other means of digital marketing!

If you’re a business owner that’s interested in maximizing your company’s internet presence, believe us when we say that you want all of email’s advantages in your corner. Below, we talk about what all of those advantages are and how to get started with email marketing.

Why Email Marketing Is Great

We touched on how email enjoys high open-rates but that just scratches the surface of email’s unique advantages. Here are 4 more reasons why automating emails for marketing purposes is such a great idea.

Consistent Engagement

Your customers have a lot of options. What makes them choose your brand over other’s is that they know and trust your products.

The love that your customers feel for your brand is something that needs to be nurtured constantly. If they go months without hearing from you, you run the risk of a competitor luring them in.

When you’re automating emails, you can rest assured that every day, week or month, you’re going to be tapping your customers on the shoulder and letting them know that you remember them, value them and have something special to offer them for their loyalty.

That level of consistent engagement is beyond important when it comes to ensuring repeat business.

Personalized Sales, 24/7

Imagine if you had somebody on your team that was in charge of sending each of your customers a personalized note on a unique schedule that communicated special offers on the products that they love most. That’s exactly what email marketing does and in many cases, it’ll provide that service to your company for free!

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Email automation applications leverage data related to each of your customers to automatically determine which products they’re interested in and when they’re most likely to buy those products. Based on that data, your application will send your customers’ personalized notes that make buying the products they care most about irresistible.

Advertising Opportunities

On those days where you don’t have a product offer to push to customers, emails can be about informing rather than explicitly selling.

For example, if you’re a company that sells lawnmowers, you might send out a monthly newsletter that offers your customers tips on how to get the most out of your mowers. Then, as a way to generate revenue off of your non-sales email, you could sell sponsorship slots to other businesses that offer products your newsletter readers would appreciate.

Brand Image

Companies that send high-quality emails are companies that come off as organized and stable. In a world where 600,000 startups are opening their doors every year and 90% of them are going out of business, the sense of stability that sending out emails conveys to customers is worth its weight in gold.

How to Get Started

We’re hoping that we’ve convinced you that automating emails is a must for your digital marketing strategy. Now, we’re going to step you through how you can get started with email marketing.

Build a Website

Chances are, you already have a website. If you don’t, build one using any one of today’s most popular content management systems (WordPress for example).

Using content management systems, you can have a website live within a day.

Pick an Email Marketing Application

There are many email applications out there that allow you to collect customer emails and automate the sending of messages. Your burden is going to be to select which application works best for you.

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MailChimp is a solid beginner application that has robust functionality and is free to use until your mailing list exceeds 1000 recipients.

Advertise Your Opt-in Form

In order to start marketing to people via email, they need to opt-in to your mailing list. You have to make doing that easy.

The most popular way that people opt into mailing lists today is via pop-up forms that they see when they land on websites. Other popular means of getting people to opt-in to your mailing list include asking customers to sign up in person (if you have a brick-and-mortar location) or through social media channels.

Come Up With a Content Schedule and Start Sending

With your email application ready to go and subscribers tricking in, it’s time to start coming up with when you’re going to send out emails, what the content of those emails will be about and to start sending!

Consistency is key with email marketing. Be sure to always have your scheduled emails done well in advance so they can go out on a schedule without a break.

Our Final Thoughts on Automating Emails

Automating emails for marketing purposes is something that businesses of all sizes rely on today to drive sales. If you’re not leveraging emails as part of your overall marketing strategy, you’re missing out on wonderful opportunities to solidify your brand make more money.

With that said, don’t delay in setting up your email marketing infrastructure!

Do you need additional information as you get email off the ground at your company? If you do, browse more of our content on the subject that’s featured on our blog!