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Reach Your Core Audience: 9 Must-Know Targeted Marketing Strategies

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Do you find yourself stuck not reaching that many people or your target audience? Do you wish there was a way to reach more of your audience? You’re not alone, many out there are wondering the same.

The good news is this article will cover targeted marketing so you will feel relieved knowing you’re reaching your core audience. Read on to discover these 8 must-know targeted strategies for your business. 

What Is a Target Market 

Let’s begin with what a target market is. A target market is the potential customers you want to reach to sell your products or services. When deciding on your target market, they will share common characteristics such as income, demographics, and location. 

This is essential for any business out there because you don’t want to sell to everyone. You want to figure out who your target market is and focus on them for selling and marketing. It’s important to identify and find your target market as soon as possible. 

Some tips to find your target market: 

  • They want or need what you offer
  • They’re willing to spend the money to satisfy their need
  • They know they have a need and understand the value of satisfying that need

1. Email Marketing

If you don’t have an email list, you need one now! Email is a way to reach back out to previous customers. Since they’ve bought from you before if you offer them sales and discounts, why wouldn’t they purchase from you again? 

It’s also a great way to have potential customers sign up with their email, and they can see your emails, and be encouraged to buy from you then!

Another great option to reach potential customers is leaflet delivery. Leaflet delivery is great because you can reach a large area and get your name out there with zone targeting!

2. Past Purchases

So you have your email list and want to reach out to previous customers? You can actually use data to personalize emails to previous customers! You can also give them product recommendations based on previous purchases. 

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3. Customer Satisfaction

Another option to use with your email list is customer satisfaction. You can send out a survey to see how happy they are with your services. If someone is not happy you can see why and then choose areas of improvement. 

After you receive the survey you can separate your customers into groups based on their happiness with your service. Offer more tools and services to those who were unhappy and encourage those who rated their happiness higher to refer family and friends to your company. 

4. Shopping Cart

Sometimes it happens where a customer throws an item in their cart and then they change their mind. This can be a discouraging feeling, but don’t let it. After that happens you can always have an email automatically sent out that reminds them of that item sitting in their cart. 

5. Social Media

Social Media is important for any business and to really use target marketing. Ads on Facebook, for example, you can put in different demographics to match your target market and those ads will only target them. A big reason it’s important for your business is because 70% of Americans are on social media along with much of the world.

6. Targeted Facebook Posts 

You can make sure to use target marketing with targeted Facebook posts. Facebook now has the option where you can choose the option add targeting to your post.

To see this feature, type your post the standard way and before clicking submit click on the location symbol. Once that’s done click on add targeting. Then a drop-down will pop up and allow you to choose different demographics such as age, gender, location, language, etc. 

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7. Targeted PPC Landing Pages 

When you pay for a PPC landing page, you want potential customers to click on them. Once someone clicks on the ad it’ll bring them to a page that should be very targeted toward your target audience. 

When you do PPC landing pages, you can see what your targeted market likes, doesn’t like, and what to use in the future. You don’t want your potential customer being brought to a generic page like your homepage.

Customers won’t want to waste their time looking for where they need to go. 

8. Dynamic Call to Actions(CTAs)

You’ll want your CTAs to be aligned with what your visitor and target audience are interested in. You can have CTA’s that recognize when a visitor is returning and not new. You’ll put in specific criteria for your CTAs and have the CTA that is the most appropriate for that visitor show up. 

9. Imagery and Language 

When looking at a site don’t you prefer a clean and beautiful site than say a busy and overwhelming site? Almost 50% of visitors close busy sites within a few seconds. You’ll want a visually appealing CTA as well or you might lose your targeted market. 

You can also change your images for each CTA as well! If certain images respond better to a certain part of your targeted market, you can have those images only show up for them. 

Targeted Marketing

After learning all about what targeted marketing is and how to cater to your audience, you’re ready to apply these tips and increase engagement and sales! Gone are the days of wondering who your audience is and how to target them! 

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