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We’re Big On Yelp! How to Get Yelp Reviews and Improve Your Rating

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Small businesses rely on their online reputation.

Getting a good review has always been a huge part of running a successful business, but in the digital age, it’s paramount. What’s more, a few good reviews to bolster your reputation simply won’t do. You’re going to need a lot of good reviews to get ahead of your competitors.

What’s the biggest, most popular review site on the net? Yelp, of course. In this post, we’re going to help you get Yelp reviews. If you want your business to take off, you’re going to need them. Let’s get started.

How to Get Yelp Reviews

Yelp burst onto the online listings scene in 2004. Since then, they’ve been the authority on quality small businesses ranging from restaurants to upstart tech companies, to boutique hotels and dental practices. 

If you run a business…of any kind, then you know exactly what Yelp is and why it’s important for reputation management. Businesses with lots of good reviews tend to do a lot better than the ones that have bad reviews and too few of them. But how do you get your happy customers to go on Yelp and show their support?

Claim Your Listing and Optimize

In order to promote your business and respond to reviews, you’ve got to claim your Yelp listing. If you don’t do this, then people aren’t going to be able to find you on there and show their support. Visit Yelp’s “Find and Claim” page and search for your business.

Once you’ve claimed your Yelp page, make sure that you’ve optimized it by filling out all of the pertinent information about your business. This includes your official business name, your location, your contact info, and whatever else you’re willing to give.

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Make sure that this info is consistent across every platform that you use, including Yelp, Google My Business, and any industry-specific listings that you’re subscribed to. The more consistent you are, the more visible you’ll be online, and the more ratings and reviews you’ll accrue.

Add Links to Your Yelp Page

Add links on your website and your social media accounts to rate and review you on Yelp. People aren’t all that likely to go search out your business specifically on Yelp to give you a review, so if that’s where you want your focus to be, you’ll have to direct them there.

Make it easy for your customers to give you a Yelp review. Put a Yelp badge directly on your website and place a Yelp sticker on your brick and mortar location. Letting customers know that they can “find you on Yelp” will encourage them to search for you there over anywhere else.

Don’t Only Focus on Yelp

While Yelp is a major player in the listings game, there are other listings pages that are equally important to the success of your business. You should consider keeping the whole review thing a little more open-ended than exclusively directing people to Yelp. 

Your Google and Facebook business ratings are hugely important in their own right, so claim those listings as well and you’ll get ratings from multiple sources. Remember to keep all of the important information about your business consistent across all platforms, as it’s huge for your SEO.

Don’t Wait! Start Getting More Reviews Now

When you’ve optimized your listings, you’ll start to see more people rate and review your business online. Learning how to get Yelp reviews is one thing, but at the heart of it is a strong online presence. The better you get at SEO and other digital marketing practices, the more people will know about your business.

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The more people know about your business, the more people will buy your products and give you good reviews, and so on, and so on. It’s complicated but if you’re committed to marketing yourself, you’ll have no trouble succeeding.

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