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When Should You Use a Proxy Server?

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We know that you want to do everything you can to protect your privacy online, especially as data harvesting and hacking become increasingly common. 

You’ve installed anti-virus software, you always update your computer’s operating system, and you avoid connecting to public WiFi when possible. 

But if you’re truly serious about protecting yourself online, you should use a proxy server. 

What is a proxy server, and why do you need one? 

Read on to find out. 

What Is a Proxy Server?

First, let’s make sure you’re clear on the definition of a proxy server. 

It sounds confusing at first but hang in there — in reality, it’s quite simple.

You access the Internet on your specific server, which has also been assigned a unique IP address. 

When you visit any site, your IP address is logged, along with data about how long you spent on the site, the things you clicked on, where you came from, etc. 

Think of a proxy server as a kind of “middle man” between your server and the Internet at large. Your Internet activity is filtered through the proxy server from your original server. 

As a user, “you” are no longer accessing a certain website. Instead, your proxy server is. This gives you access to unprecedented levels of privacy and security. 

Why Use a Proxy Server?

There are countless reasons why individuals and companies alike opt to use proxy servers. 

Obviously, the biggest attraction to a proxy server is the level of privacy it proves.

It’s actually able to block your specific IP address when you visit a website, which means that companies can’t collect your data and people won’t know you’re snooping on their sites. It can also encrypt your data, which means that it will be unreadable even if it is hacked/intercepted. 

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But privacy is far from the only benefit of a user proxy server. 

It also allows you to block access to certain sites, which helps keep children safe and your employees from wasting company time. 

Options like Pirate bay Proxy can also allow you to access certain sites with a proxy server — something notoriously difficult to do on sites like Pirate Bay. It can also allow you to get back on sites that you’ve been blocked from viewing. 

Think of it as a way to be able to see almost anything you want to on the Internet. (Though please, use proxy servers only for good, not evil.) 

A proxy server improves your Internet performance since it caching your most-visited websites. This means a shorter loading time and the ability to save on bandwidth. 

Should You Get a Proxy Server?

We hope this post has convinced you that investing in a proxy server is always the right move. 

Not only does it protect your data and that of your customers, but it can also allow you to access the Internet with much more freedom. 

Want to learn about other tips and tricks that will improve your Internet experience? Need to take more steps to secure your work computers and data? 

We’ve got you covered. 

To learn more about what you can do to protect yourself and your brand online, bookmark our blog.