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Starting from Scratch: The Top Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

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You remember when you got your shiny new website—back in 2002.

You’re looking at your website, it still looks good but you’re not sure if it looks good enough for present-day website traffic. You know there are many more people viewing websites on mobile devices and you’re not sure if it’s up to par with the must-have designs for mobile viewing.

If you’re wondering if it is time for a web redesign, wonder no more. Continue reading this article to see if it is time to upgrade your website and bring it into the new year.

Website Redesign—Yea or Nay?

You might think that a web design project for your business might seem like it will put you out of commission for a while, but that’s not true. Your website doesn’t have to come down while they are working on setting up your new site.

As a matter of fact, your new website design shouldn’t set you back at all. It will actually help you bring your business and your branding to the next level.

1. You’re Embarrassed to Show Off Your Website

If you aren’t proud to give out your website address, this is a sign that you might be ready to spruce up your website.

Your website should be your online hub where you send everyone from social media, interviews and other public relations. If you can’t give out your website without worrying it is going to damage your reputation—call your web designer.

2. It Looks Like a Blast from the Past

If your website makes people remember when Google and YouTube bought ads to tell people about their services—that’s a sure sign you need an update.

Many of the designs that used to work for the slower speeds of the internet no longer serve people when they visit your site. In fact, much of the code used to build websites in years gone by doesn’t work as well as newly updated code and your site might be running slow.

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3. Your Site Lacks Mobile-Friendliness

If people visit your website and they get the desktop version, this is a website emergency. You need a responsive or mobile version of your website right away.

When you serve a desktop version of your website to your visitors, they are likely to navigate away from your site and search for your competition. Not only will your competition garner your website visitors that type in a query, but they will also get your search engine traffic.

Google put an update in place that puts mobile-friendly results first in the search engines. That means your non-mobile-friendly website goes to the bottom of the search results no matter how helpful the information on your website is.

4. Your Conversions Are in the Trash

If you have a lot of website visitors but your conversion rate is low for your industry, your website design is likely what is killing your conversion rate. If your website isn’t designed to get people to take action, they won’t take action.

Most websites in years gone by were designed to give information. While they were designed to give information, they were not designed to get people to take an action like making a purchase online.

Your website needs to help you hit your goal of leads or sales or it is time to get a new website design working for you.

5. Your Website is the Oldest in Your Industry

If you visit your competition’s websites and all of their websites are noticeably more modern than yours, it’s time to keep up with the Joneses. An old website might signal that you are not actively promoting your business online even if that is not the case.

6. Not Secured with HTTPS

Cybersecurity is highly important. While not many websites were HTTPS just a short time ago, now almost every website is on HTTPS or working to get there. If your website isn’t secured with HTTPS, your website visitor’s information is not secure when they enter it into your website.

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When you secure your website, you’re signaling your customers that you are a save company to do business with. It isn’t difficult to secure your website but you do need to take the time to do it or hire someone to help you.

7. A Bad User Experience

If people come to visit your website and leave dissatisfied or frustrated because of a bad user experience then you need to upgrade your website. User experience is one of the most important parts of having a website.

When your website visitors have a good experience, you’ll notice your website has a low bounce rate, high visitor times and you’ll get email subscriptions to your opt-ins.

Sites that are hard to navigate or the text is difficult to read turn off users. While every change you make to better the website is a good one. If your site is very old, you may consider a total revamp.

8. No Longer Matches Your Brand

If your brand has gone through some changes but your website doesn’t reflect it, this is confusing to your customers. If your brand changed then you need to make sure your website is updated with the new branding. It is likely that your whole website needs to be redone.

Ready to Learn More About Websites and Digital Marketing?

Now that you’ve had a website redesign, why not learn more about digital marketing? Learning how to market your business through your website is a must.

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