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Ruling the SERPs: 9 Search Engine Marketing Tips from the Pros

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Billions of Google searches are conducted by consumers on a daily basis. We’ve seen that number go up significantly over the last decade which tells us that Google is becoming increasingly (and nearly solely) responsible for how people engage with the internet.

Per that fact, businesses have taken a lot of interest in how they can get into Google’s good graces via SEO (search engine optimization) to increase their chances of the company pushing consumers to their website over their competitor’s.

For those of you that have been plugging away at SEO to no avail lately or for business owners that are looking to refresh their SEO strategy to double down on their traction, this article is for you.

Below, we touch on SEO marketing tips that can help you dominate your position on the World Wide Web.

1. Keep to Your Blog Schedule

Creating a blog is one of the best ways to support your SEO efforts. With a blog, you can post content regularly that’s targeted at various keywords which Google will take notice of.

The more blog content that you publish, the better chance you have of magnetizing customers and scoring conversions.

Where a lot of companies fall short on the blog-front is that they publish content sporadically at best or at worst, give up on their blog altogether after not seeing the traction that they’re looking for.

Don’t do that.

Publish to your blog frequently and continue to do so over the lifespan of your business.

2. Let Your Followers Know When You Post Content

A big factor that Google looks at when deciding how to rank your content is the velocity in which it picks up traction. Velocity is a hard metric to master when it comes to SEO marketing tips because it relies on your existing consumer base.

If you have existing followers via a mailing list or social media, leverage them to maximize the speed in which your content is consumed by notifying everyone when you publish new material.

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3. Keyword Research with Your Customer in Mind

Anybody that’s ever taken a whack at SEO knows a thing or two about keyword research.

Typically, you’ll go into your research tool’s search window, pop in some competing web content to see which keywords are ranking and choose the keyword that has the highest volume and the lowest difficulty.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that just because a keyword has high search volume and low difficulty, it doesn’t mean that keyword has the highest chance of nabbing you conversions.

Rather than picking keywords based purely on metrics, leverage your intuition to pull keywords that you think your best customers are most interested in.

Those are words that are worth building content around.

4. Build Your Reputation

The more people that see your brand’s name around the web, the more they’re going to respect your wisdom, content, and products. Google’s opinion of you is affected in the same way.

One of the best ways to get the attention of both the masses and search engines is to start guest posting on related blogs, news publications and anywhere else that you can. That way, each of these publication’s readers can be introduced to your expertise and Google will see a ton of external websites linking back to your content.

5. Make Your Pages Sticky

A key metric that SEO marketing experts look at to give their clients the best chances of success is “bounce rate”. Bounce rates are the speed in which customers click away from your website after clicking onto it.

The lower your bounce rate, the better your content is and the more Google is going to value your content when ranking it in their results.

Bounce rates can be reduced by investing in engaging copy that keeps readers reading rather than hitting the back button on their browsers.

6. Cross-Promote

If you own a paper company and know a business owner that sells copy machines, see if they’ll link back to your website and you can do the same for them in return.

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These cross-promotional opportunities between related businesses boost backlinks, credibility and search engine ranking without costing participants a penny.

7. Think About Conversions

When you’re building out your SEO strategy, always prioritize the optimization of your pages that push your highest-converting products.

Products that have high conversion rates have naturally stickier pages which means that they stand a better chance of providing instant gratification when it comes to working to improve their SEO rankings. They also inherently put more money in your pocket which should be the end goal of you implementing SEO marketing tips in the first place.

8. Pay to Play

Google makes its bones by selling advertising space. If you’d like to get to the top of search engine results pages as quick as possible, feed Google by making media buys through its Adwords product.

If you create a good Adwords campaign, your expenditure should more than pay for itself.

9. Hire an Agency

There’s a reason why people turn to Alex Lloro, managing director of All Marketing Services LLC and similar digital marketing gurus.

Their services work. They save their clients time. They put money in business’s pockets faster than they can get money by themselves.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire pathway to success when enacting SEO marketing tips, have an agency guide you, at least from the onset. Doing so is always money well spent.

Wrapping Up Search Engine Marketing Tips From the Pros

SEO marketing tips are a dime a dozen online. Good advice is something that you have to really dig for.

The tips that we’ve hit you with are what we think have the best chance of moving the needle for your digital marketing efforts in 2020 and beyond.

Give them a try and if you need additional inspiration, keep reading more of the content we have uploaded on our site.