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How to Advertise Sponsored Products with Amazon

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Amazon is the top eCommerce platform in America. With over 197 million people using Amazon to purchase product each month, to say that Amazon is a hit is an understatement.

If you’re selling on Amazon, you’re always working to get attention from potential buyers. There is a lot of competition so how do you get people’s eyes on your products?

Sponsored products are a big way to promote your products on Amazon so they get attention. Continue reading this article to learn more about Amazon sponsored products.

The 411 on Sponsored Products on Amazon

As you learn more about sponsored products, you’ll soon see this is a great way to get the word out — if you do it right.

You’re getting excited about the prospect of having more eyes on your products but you don’t want to get in over your head. If you aren’t sure about how to promote products on Amazon, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Amazon has an easy process so that you can get started sponsoring your products quickly. You do however need to make sure that your product is in an eligible category and that it is eligible for the Buy Box.

Understanding How Sponsored Products Work

Before you start throwing advertisement money at products, you should understand how they work. When you have a full understanding of how sponsored products work, you’ll be able to use it to your best advantage.

Sponsored products are used to get more eyes on the products. Since that is the goal, your sponsored products will show up in search results. Your ads may also show up alongside or on top of the search results, on product pages as well as within the search results.

Make sure your product page is filled in so people don’t feel the need to navigate away to get further information. Sponsored products are meant to increase your sales but you have to have everything in order so people feel comfortable purchasing from your page.

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You only pay per click and not for when people only view your advertisement. Since you only have to pay by the click, you can control costs. You can set your budget so that you only spend as much as your budget allows.

Reach the Customer Where You Want to Reach Them

When you’re using sponsored products, you can reach your potential clients at different stages in the buyer’s journey. You might reach them in the awareness stage, the purchase stage or even after purchase.

You can use sponsored products in conjunction with sponsored brands and stores. You get to customize your Amazon sales experience as you’re getting the word out about your products.

Get Started in a Few Clicks

You can get started with your product promotion in just a few clicks.

All you have to do is log in to the seller central, choose the products you want to get the word out about, decide your bid and which products or keyword to target and your new campaign is launched.

As we said — it’s really simple.

Setting Up Your Product Page for Success

Before you start spending your money on sponsored posts, it’s a good idea to set your product page up for success. You don’t want people to pay for clicks so people visit your product page if it isn’t going to convert for you.


When you’re serious about selling, you will invest in professional photography for your products. You need to make sure they get every angle of the product.

Don’t forget to make sure that the lighting in the photo is the best. If people can’t see an element of the product, they’re likely to take a step back and even look at another page to see a similar product.

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If you don’t have the budget for professional photos, you can do your own lighting set up but make sure the products are easy to see and appealing.


Take the extra step and show off the product with a video. Having a short video clip promoting the product allows people to see how the product works and to imagine themselves owning and using the product.


Most of your product page is made up of text. The largest part of the text on the product page is going to be the description of the product.

Don’t leave anything out in the description but also make sure that your content is well-structured. You don’t want your readers to get lost in text that is poorly constructed.

Product Reviews

When you get started out, you’re not going to have a lot of product reviews. People want to see positive reviews when they buy on Amazon so when you get some sales, ask your customers to leave their reviews for you.

You want to get as many people to tell about their positive experience as possible. If you know some of the people that bought, you should ask them to tell their story, take photos and even leave a video for you.

More positive reviews mean more trust from the Amazon community.

Advance on the Road to Digital Marketing Mastery

Now that you know more about sponsored products and how this is a great way to promote the products you sell on Amazon, why not learn more about digital marketing? Continue reading through our blog today and don’t forget to bookmark your favorite parts so you can come back for more great reads.