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Lights, Camera, Action: The Top Video Marketing Trends of 2019

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No serious business should ignore the importance and power of video marketing In fact, many businesses around the world use it as their chief marketing strategy.

With the millions of mobile users all over the world, high-quality videos are the best way to get your service or product into the palm of their hands. Videos are a powerful marketing tool for persuading consumers. 

But that also means keeping up with current trends and finding new and powerful ways to grab your client’s attention and convert that interest into a sale.

Do you think you have a good handle on video marketing? Think again! Things are changing in the world of video marketing in 2019. How exactly, you ask?

Check out this on the top video marketing trends of 2019 and find out!

1. Authenticity

In a rush to come up with commercial videos, many entrepreneurs have overlooked the importance of authenticity. This has backfired, leading to huge loses and wasted time.

In 2019, customers are very alert. They know how to differentiate between genuine work and copy and pasted material. It doesn’t take much effort to produce a genuine video. It’s as simple as using your phone or going live on Facebook or other sites.

Some consumers prefer live videos to recorded ones because they get a chance to see the real you in action. You need to be authentic to gain customer loyalty and trust.

2. To Hook the Audience, Be a Storyteller

For your video campaign to be a success, you need to keep your audience hooked. You can’t do this using dry, unengaging material Your videos should be informative but fun! If possible, make some light jokes that are relevant to your business.

In fact, many customers are attracted to brands that create a story. Telling a good story can increase the value of your service or product by a large margin.

Apart from hooking your customers, a good story also humanizes your brand. Use an angle that most people can relate too or find an emotional connection with. 

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3. How-to and Educational Videos

Studies show that including a video on your landing page can help boost conversions. But not just any video will do. You need to create visual content that creates a buzz and stands out from the rest.

Many people like “how to” videos. After all, DIY projects aren’t just fun but affordable, too! Educational videos are also proving useful in 2019 and an explainer video company can take help you capitalize on this opportunity. 

Most students and professionals are constantly searching for videos to help them solve a problem. If you can provide them with useful, relevant information, it helps build brand loyalty and trust. 

4. The Rise of IGTV and Vertical Video

IGTV is a revolutionary video recording app for iOS and Android smartphones. This standalone app is owned by Instagram but allows for the creation of longer videos – up to 60 minutes long.

Ones you create your product video, you can easily upload it onto IGTV. Longer videos are ideal for in-depth product reviews and some tutorials.

Did you know that most people use their pre-installed video apps to record vertically? Why does this matter?

Recording vertically makes videos more user-friendly. It helps you capture more in a single frame, giving viewers the best possible angle and experience. Many businesses utilizing both IGTV and the power of the vertical video experience a boost in sales and conversions.

5. Business-Influencer Collaboration

This kind of collaboration is among the new marketing trends this year. Many businesses rely on recommendations from satisfied clients. And there’s no better way of getting recommendations than by collaborating with influencers.

It’s worth noting that many millennials rely on recommendations to make purchase decisions. A good number of consumers also trust social media for opinions and reviews of particular services or products.

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This means that by collaborating with influencers, you’ll be killing two birds with a single stone. Not only will you build customer loyalty by working with a trusted name in your niche, but you may see a rise in business thanks to these recommendations.

Simply being associated with a trusted name speaks volumes for your brand. After all, referrals go a long way in the world of business. 

6. Video Marketing Trends Emphasizes on Optimizing for No Sound

Isn’t that surprising? Social media and mobile phones totally changed the way people are watching videos. And now, they’re changing the way video is heard – or not heard, to be precise.

Videos are often viewed in social feeds and public settings where the sound is usually off by default. This means sound no longer plays the same vital role it once did. For this reason, tech-savvy developers and virtual vloggers are coming up with content that doesn’t rely on the power of sound.

Developers need to get creative by crafting content that delivers a message without the use of sound. Purposeful acting, body language, props, and even clothing design can all help deliver your message – silently. Videos void of sound are predicted to continue rising in popularity in the future.

Video Marketing Trends Keep Changing

With the current developments in technology, nothing remains the same for very long. And video marketing trends are no exception.

As a business, you should always be abreast of new developments and updates as they unfold. This ensures you aren’t left in the marketing dust!

Capturing the attention of your audience is about creating a need for your service or product. There’s no better way of doing this than having a high-quality video trending on social media.

Don’t miss a single developing trend by visiting our blog regularly for updates!