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8 Common IT Problems That Are Worth Learning About Now Rather Than Later

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Despite the fact that mobile phones are taking over the world, the vast majority of people still own and use computers on a regular basis. In some areas, 92% of households own one or more desktops or laptops.

If you’re a business owner, we’re willing to bet that you’re no stranger to computers. We’re also willing to bet that you have more than one machine sitting in your office right now.

While you probably love how easy computers make you and your team’s life when they’re working, there are few things that can make your life more miserable than when computers malfunction.

To ensure that you can tackle every computer-related issue that you run into with confidence, here are eight common IT issues and how you can fix them.

1. Your Computer is Running Slow

The king of all common IT issues is a little problem called speed. If your computer is running slow on a daily basis, you’ve probably debated on throwing it out your office window a time or two.

Resist that urge.

A slow computer might only need a restart. If restarting your computer doesn’t speed things up, empty your recycling bin and clean your computer’s junk files using free tools like CCleaner.

Finally, scan your computer for registry errors and restart your machine again.

A slow computer could also be old and in need of replacing.

2. Constant Pop-Ups

Getting tons of pop-ups on your computer whenever you’re browsing online? There’s an app for that.

Download a free pop-up blocker browser extension and you should be able to rid yourself of ad overload.

If a popup blocker doesn’t do the trick, ensure that you’re using the latest version of a reputable browser (Google chrome for example) and run a virus scan on your machine.

3. Disconnecting WIFI

Shotty WIFI is no fun. Diagnosing what the cause of that problem is is equally unamusing.

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A bad WIFI connection can come down to a few things. It could be a speed issue with your computer. It could also be a configuration issue with your router or that the API integration software that you use for certain programs isn’t fast enough.

Given the amount of variability here, this common IT issue is best left to a local pro to diagnose.

4. Email Attachments Won’t Open

When you’re clicking on email attachments and they’re not working, the most common cause of the problem is that the program they need to open isn’t on your computer.

For example, if you’re trying to open an Excel sheet but don’t have an Excel reader, things aren’t going to work out well for you.

If you can confirm that you have the right software on your machine, check to see if your computer’s virus blocker is preventing your attachment from opening. If it is and you know 100% that the attachment is safe, override your virus blocker’s rules.

5. Deleted Files

Have you ever created a big presentation and accidentally deleted it? Thinking that you’ve lost your work is a terrible feeling.

This common IT problem has some potential solutions, but nothing that’s guaranteed to work.

For starters, see if your deleted file has moved to your recycling bin. If it hasn’t, check to see if your computer has a restore point that you can migrate to. This will take your computer back to a pre-determined point, restoring any files that existed at that time. It’s unlikely that your file will show up, but it’s worth a shot if the file is essential.

Finally, check out software that allows you to recover deleted files. Some software is free to use and most products work well.

6. Bandwidth Issues

If your business experiences times of the day where the internet gets slow, your team’s activity during that time might have something to do with it.

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Your business only receives a set amount of bandwidth. The more people that you have using your network connection, the more taxed that bandwidth becomes.

When bandwidth becomes overtaxed, your network slows down.

Ask your team to save large file transfers and other strenuous activities for the end of the day if you’d like to keep your connection flowing smoothly.

7. Computer Won’t Start

This common IT problem is a pretty big “uh-oh”. To figure out what’s going on, start with your computer’s power supply.

Is your computer plugged in? Is the back of your plug inserted into your computer’s power?

If so, does the wall outlet you’re plugging into work?

If everything looks good but you’re still not getting your computer to show signs of life, talk to a local professional.

8. BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

The dreaded blue screen of death comes on suddenly and immediately brings your machine to a grinding halt.

The BSOD is almost always related to hardware issues. That means that you’ll need a pro to look your machine over.

Common culprits include overheating and faulty RAM.

Wrapping Up Common IT Problems That Are Worth Learning About Right Now

Common IT problems stink to deal with. Given how common they are though, there is a lot of literature online that can help you troubleshoot and fix your biggest computer problems.

Remember, if you’re unsure of how to proceed with an issue your computer is having, rather than damaging your machine further, take it into a pro. They should be able to give you a free diagnosis and estimate.

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