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Why Your Business Should Be Taking Advantage of Guest Blogging Sites

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Guest blogging sites offer incredible value to you and your company’s marketing expeditions.

It may seem counterproductive to help someone else create content that you could instead use on your own blog, but the reach you obtain is well worth your time.

Below are several reasons why guest blogging sites are your friend and why you should view them as a “return on investment” rather than a “waste of time”.

Why Guest Blogging Sites Are so Valuable

Put on your best pair of marketing glasses, because you’re about to see a whole new “vision” on your marketing strategy!

Access to Your Untapped Target Market

Plain and simple: the goal of any marketing plan is to direct new business and new customers to your site.

What’s the best way to do that? Make it easier for them to find you.

One way to do that is by writing for another blog that they’re following.

Readers are constantly on the search for new content, and you’re just the type of content they’re looking for.

Guest blogging allows you to drive traffic to your site (subtly or otherwise) by embedding links to your articles, creating call-to-actions, and mentioning your endeavors to unfamiliar readers.

Establish Your Brand

Guest blogging helps legitimize your brand as a well-established company on your niche topics.

Leaving your footprint on several sites creates transparency between you and the clients that are directed to you through different sites.

It also shows that your brand “plays well with others” by collaborating with different sites affiliated with your niche.

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Assert yourself as an expert in your market by paying it forward and helping other sites, and their readers, gain your knowledge on the products or services you discuss.

Tighten the Sales Funnel

Depending on how successful and established the site you’ll be writing for is, you can link their customers to buying your products faster than they would otherwise.

Guest blogging offers you a chance to define your company’s value to readers thus eliminating that step in the sales funnel.

The key here is to always write on topics that can be related to your products or services, the ROI will justify the time you spend on these thought-out articles.

Practice Makes Perfect

In this instance, the old adage holds up: there’s no substitute for the real thing.

In other words… the best way to perfect your skills at writing articles is to do them as much as possible.

If you’re trying to keep a consistent schedule on your personal blog without going overboard, writing for another blog is a perfect way to keep the brain in “marketing mode”.

A fun side note: most bloggers will tell you that their blogging voice is CONSTANTLY improving, so writing for another site will help you find traits that you should be boasting more of in your own work.

Start Making Those Connections!

As you can see, guest blogging sites offer you a chance to spread your message to more people with your same interests.

Be sure to check out our article on skills to become a successful content writer for tips and tricks on how to draw your readers in.

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