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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Hire a Content Manager

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Content marketing is a lot of work.

But, it’s a highly effective way to build trust and make more sales with potential customers.

Did you know that 70% of internet users would rather learn about a product or service through content (like a blog post) than traditional ads?

If you’re struggling to create effective content for your business, keep reading for a closer look at why you should hire a content manager to help you achieve your goals.

Content Matters Now More Than Ever

If you want your business to be visible in local search results, content marketing should be a key part of your SEO strategy. Content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand.

While it doesn’t hurt to optimize your entire website for SEO, you must implement a content marketing plan to truly be successful.

You Need Someone to Own Your Content

Content marketing can be tough to do correctly without a dedicated expert working on the problem daily.

While you could hand your content management off to someone you already have on staff, it will be tough to produce the same sort of results as an expert like Bear Fox Marketing, a Boise based SEO agency.

The truth is, content marketing is tough. It takes real time and effort to get a content marketing strategy up, running, and bringing in leads for your business.

Producing and managing content for a business is a full-time job, and you should have someone own the role of content manager.

Free Yourself Up

Business owners and marketers often wear many hats. If you’re already managing the marketing strategy for your business, writing blog content may have fallen to you simply because there’s no one else to do it.

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But, unless you just love writing blog posts, your time is probably better spent on other projects.

While a content manager might cost you money, the time you free up for yourself will be worth much more in the long run.

Free Your Team Up

The same goes for your team. Don’t divert your other staff members to writing or managing content.

The average 500-word blog post takes about one to two hours to complete. If your organization is creating three to four posts a week, your team is spending up to eight hours on content.

That’s a full work day!

Content Manager: It’s a Big Job

Writing and managing content for an effective content marketing campaign is not easy.

As we just learned, even short content pieces take a substantial amount of time to write. Longer pieces require much more time.

And let’s not forget strategy. Strategy and thorough planning is a key component of effective content management.

Who’s Managing Your Content?

If you want your content marketing to succeed, it’s time to get serious and hire a dedicated content manager.

With the right strategy, your content marketing efforts will more than pay for your investment.

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