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YouTube Marketing: A Small Business Strategy Guide for Video Content


Did you know that video marketing accounts for 80% of all internet traffic for 2019? Video marketing is a hot topic right now amongst online entrepreneurs, so learning the latest YouTube marketing secrets is going to keep you ahead of your competition.

Over 5 billion videos are watched every single day on YouTube, meaning there is a LOT of other content to compete against, making it hard to gain new followers and stand out from the mass amounts of traffic.

So the problem is, when you own a small business, you need to know how to market your video content to stay ahead of others in your niche. 

Keep on reading to learn all the latest secrets in YouTube marketing strategies for your business, so you can take advantage of the incredible benefits of video marketing. 

Let’s get Started! 

Know Your Goals

Before you get started in creating content, it is important to know what exactly you are wanting to achieve from your YouTube videos. Depending on your business, your goals could be either:

  • Gain new subscribers
  • Direct more traffic to your website from your YouTube channel 
  • Have more engagement such as more comments on your channel.

You need to measure your progress accurately, so at this stage of the game, make sure you determine which key performance indicators (KPIs) you are using to track your results. 

To learn more about setting up your video marketing objectives, there is some great resources out there to check out, read more here for more information.

Create Regular Content on a Schedule

Most successful YouTubers have a very regimented schedule for publishing their videos, and they do this for a number of reasons.

Once you develop a larger audience, they will become your fan club. The last thing you want to do with your fan club is to have them wonder when you will post your next video. This eventually leads to a loss of interest, and they will find someone else to follow that will create regular content. 

Once you discover how often you should post, you should also know the best time to post for your target audience. If your audience is stay at home moms, it will be at a time when the child is down for a nap, or when they have a break to themselves. 

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Create a Catchy Title

Having a catchy title is a very important part of your YouTube marketing strategy, this is your chance to attract viewers and get them to click and watch.

Your title must be relevant to your content, otherwise, you will increase your video bounce rates. This means YouTube will notice that people click and leave your video at the beginning, and teach the algorithms that your video is not well liked.

The title for YouTube is restricted to 100 characters, but for desktop viewing, it is cut off at 55 characters. Keeping this in mind while you design your title will help you. Above all, you need to include your keywords in the first part of the title, do some research to find your relevant keywords, and include them in every video title.

Have a Catchy Thumbnail

A great thumbnail is almost as essential as the title, this is because people are more visual than they are with reading text. Create a custom thumbnail using a free site like Canva, which is awesome for creating all sorts of images. 

When you create your thumbnail, make it so that it will be irresistible to pass by without clicking, you can easily do this by putting some unfinished information on the thumbnail so that they have to click for more. 

SEO for YouTube

Once you know your keywords, you need to place them strategically throughout your descriptions for ultimate optimization. Include keywords in your title, description, captions, and even verbally throughout the video will increase the SEO of your videos.

Just remember to keep it authentic, as just like your blog with Google, YouTube will pick up on keyword stuffing. However, you do have 5000 characters on your description, so there is plenty of room to naturally place your keywords within that limit.

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Include a Call To Action

How many times have you watched a YouTube video and hear them say “If you liked my video, please give me a thumbs up at the end, and subscribe for more awesome videos like these”.

This is an essential call to action for your YouTube account. If the algorithm picks up on people watching, commenting, and subscribing on your videos, then you will be marked as legitimate and they will rank you higher on the search results.

The most important CTAs that you should include are:


Ask your followers to comment with their opinions, or ask for more information in future videos. While this may be asking for comments that could be negative, this will happen anyways, and the more comments you have, the better. 


Encourage your viewers to subscribe by telling them that you will be releasing more videos every week. Create some urgency and scarcity and explain how your next video contains some valuable information that is not to be missed.

Like and Share

Ask your followers to give you a “thumbs up” AKA like their favorite videos of yours, so you can curate your future content to align with your most popular videos. The more likes you have, the more YouTube will recognize that your videos are gaining awareness, giving you a better ranking!

Learn More YouTube Marketing Tricks

First off, congratulations on putting yourself out there and creating videos for your business! Speaking to a camera is a very common fear for many people, so overcoming your fears for your business success will bring you many rewards.

By following these YouTube marketing secrets, you will be well on your way to having a successful channel. Remember to have patience and keep a record of your progress with the best tracking software.

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