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What is WeChat and Why is it So Important for Marketing?

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Did you know that the mobile payment industry is growing? in fact, it’s a $16 trillion market in China alone. Its current market titans are Alipay and Tencent, with WeChat Pay being Tencent’s popular mobile payment app.

If you’re not from China, you might ask, “What is WeChat?” It might not seem that important at first glance, but it’s actually great for marketing your business. It’s not a type of marketing analytics tool but a platform you should start targeting from this point forward.

Still uncertain how it works and why it’s important? Discover more about WeChat features how it benefits your business down below:

What is WeChat?

In China, WeChat is one of the most necessary apps around. After all, users can do anything—play games, send money, make calls, and more. At its core, WeChat is China’s own version of the Facebook social media platform.

WeChat is a widespread mobile phenomenon with its bulk of users using smartphones. It has a desktop version, but its users opt to stick with their affordable, mass-market phone brands. Its popularity is due to the fact that the users can run their whole life with the use of this one app.

If you’re opening external website links, they’re opened within the app itself. That means you’re still within it even when directed to an outside platform. This lets the app get more interactions and more content exposure.

How to Use WeChat for Marketing

With WeChat being the largest social media platform in China, it’s a good starting point for a marketing campaign. You can see how it’s fiercely embedded in the social situation of the nation even by spending a short amount of time there. The huge potential for businesses is obvious, but here are some of the ways you can tap into the “WeChat Universe.”

1. Official Accounts—A Great Starting Point

The first step to tap into the market is to set up an official service account. It allows you to attract followers by promoting your content. You can link your account to a small site hosted within the app.

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The mini-site should take priority when it comes to development. After all, it has your company information. You also present your products and services using the best possible light using this site.

WeChat often has the moniker “WeChat Times” since most Chinese people use it as their key information source. That means they use the app like they’d use search engines like Google. If you want to globalize your content, this is the best place to start.

The key to making an effective official account is to develop quality content in Mandarin Chinese. It should align with what your brand is all about. But you need to ensure that it’s still tailored to the country’s culture.

2. Brands and Companies Have High Value in WeChat

Business marketing on WeChat and social media in China have a different reception. It’s seen as a positive thing by Chinese users due to them embracing capitalism. A lot of companies and brands marketing themselves aren’t seen as nuisances.

What this means is that your marketing campaign isn’t considered as intrusive. You can use that to your advantage and make yourself known.

3. Social Media Commerce

Social media embraced e-Commerce as a great ally. WeChat has its own official stores that you can link to your official account. The micro-stores are great for presenting and selling products since it’s easy to pay through WeChat’s wallet service.

After all, they can accomplish this using the swipe of a screen. As a new business, it’s possible to do the entire marketing and selling process using a single platform. That’s why it’s best to develop the right marketing strategy to leverage the vast opportunity presented by this platform.

4. A Social Approach to Customer Services

Communications from official company accounts in WeChat should be conversational and active. Through WeChat, you can handle customer services using individual and group chats. That means you can engage them in a more friendly and personal manner.

Another strong point of using WeChat for marketing is the strong feedback loop from potential customers. With the use of chat services, you can improve business reputation. After all, chatting is the most convenient means for customers to contact you.

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5. Offline and Offline Opportunities

One of the most important benefits of using WeChat is its offline to online marketing. The QR code exploded over Asia, and China is one of the pioneers. You can feature these QR codes on physical content to link to your official account in WeChat.

It’s one of the most viable ways of driving online traffic using physical advertisements. WeChat revolves around scanning QR codes for content access. It also allows users to add everyone, meaning you can take advantage of this intelligent placement.

6. Quality Data Analysis for Companies

Analysis and metrics are great in WeChat since there’s a lot of data to draw on. You can use customer insights, traffic figures, as well as clickthrough rates and impressions. That can do great things if you want to get your marketing activities on point.

There are different QR links that you can access using a service account. This allows you to know where the traffic comes from and quantify it. For example, you’ll know whether your visitors get to you through your official website or another platform.

With this information, you can focus on the most effective methods. It helps drive your WeChat growth as time goes by. Learn more about the benefits of WeChat by clicking the link.

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It’s undeniable that the WeChat features help you drive more customers to your business. It’s especially important if you want to start your market in China. That ensures that you gain a foothold and access a wider variety of new audiences.

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