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7 Reasons WhatsApp Should Be Included in Your Strategic Marketing Plan


There’s an app out there that’s perfect for your digital marketing strategy, but we’re confident you’re not taking advantage. Why? Because there’s a good chance you don’t even know its name.

WhatsApp processes 60 billion messages per day, but for some reason, businesses ignore their marketing potential. We’re willing to guess that businesses just don’t realize WhatsApp’s potential as a marketing tool.

That’s why today, we want to talk WhatsApp for your strategic marketing plan. With a little knowledge, you can reach millions of consumers. Let’s get started.

Building Your Strategic Marketing Plan Around WhatsApp

Building a strategic marketing plan around WhatsApp is similar to building a strategy around social media platforms. You’re attempting to reach a large audience by offering them content. Though instead of pictures, videos, or blog posts, you’re offering content similar to Twitter tweets.

Your content takes tweet form because WhatsApp offers the ability to reach consumers through texting. You can target people with short-form content or use WhatsApp as a customer service platform.

With a solid strategy, your company can get well on its way to building an entire marketing empire around one simple, free app. Read more about that here.

Bring Your Service to the Customers

WhatsApp is extremely popular. Much like social media, in some countries, nearly everyone uses the messaging platform as their communication method of choice. Why then, wouldn’t you capitalize on the existing marketplace of consumers?

Think of WhatsApp like a giant phone book, only better. You’re able to reach out to every single “number” (customer) and they can simultaneously reach out to your business through WhatsApp’s business pages.

WhatsApp Feels Personal

People want to feel a connection with their brand. Consumers care more than ever what your brand stands for and how the world sees your company. If people think you’re a stuffy corporate entity, they probably won’t buy your products.

Positive brand sentiment is usually spread over social media, but WhatsApp is another excellent medium to endear consumers to your brand. WhatsApp offers business tools that allow your brand to organize messages with your

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Superior Customer Service

WhatsApp offers 24/7 communication with your customers. Whenever they’re ready to contact you, or vice versa, communication is just a message away. While that might seem like a ton of work, today’s consumers expect high levels of customer service.

We live in an “always on” culture, and your customer service needs to reflect that. When someone messages your business in WhatsApp you’ll have instant access to the message. You can then respond immediately or work out a solution and respond when it suits your business.

What’s more, research shows that 56 percent of consumers would rather message customer service than speak on the phone.

Foreign Markets

WhatsApp is huge in foreign in markets. Yes, the app does have traction in the U.S. as well, but in countries throughout the world, WhatsApp is a whole other animal. WhatsApp is the number one messaging app in 104 countries, with smartphone penetration rates reaching up to 95 percent.

That market penetration isn’t too surprising, given that WhatsApp is free. The sheer number of eyes on WhatsApp is also what makes it so valuable. You’re able to market to large foreign markets without investing much capital.

But Your Campaign Still Seems Exclusive

WhatsApp is unique in that you’re able to reach a broad consumer base while also having one-on-one interactions with consumers. The app even pushes you into making personalized connections with your consumer base.

For instance, WhatsApp’s broadcasting message service only allows 256 messages at once. That alone means you’re forced to target small demographics in order to maximize your messaging.

These personalized messages help your business feel “exclusive” since you’re offering customers personalized content that’s “only available” to them. 

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Secure Communication

People care about security. As big technology names like Facebook feel the brunt of consumer’s (and governments) wrath, security becomes more and more of a selling point.

The thing is, people put their trust in select companies. Apple, for instance, earned the consumer trust thanks to publicly fighting court orders to release consumer data. WhatsApp has that same consumer trust.

The app features two-factor authentication that ensures user data is safe from prying eyes both from WhatsApp and third-parties. When you’re communicating over WhatsApp your customers know their data is safe from everyone, including your company.

People Love Texting

In today’s world, people love texting. They’re constantly on their phones, using texting as their primary means of communication. Chances are, you’ve sent or received a text message in the past few hours.

In fact, people love texting so much that they open 90 percent of all text messages with three minutes. While people ignore phone calls, they don’t ignore texts.

WhatsApp is just texting through a third-party app. You can almost guarantee that the consumers you’re messaging will open and read your messages. Ninety percent is a far better open rate than the ever-popular email marketing.

Digital Marketing and Your Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is big business. U.S. businesses alone will spend $120 billion on digital marketing by 2021. You can’t afford to not capitalize on the digital marketing trend.

However, digital marketing is always evolving. There’s always something new for your strategic marketing plan. Today, WhatsApp is that big new thing, but who knows what the future hold.

That’s why we’re here to bring you the latest and greatest in digital marketing news. We cover all facets of digital marketing to ensure up-to-date and the best techniques.

Make sure to let us know if there’s anything you’d like to read about digital marketing.