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There’s an App For That: How To Build An App in 5 Easy Steps

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Each year, over 175 billion app downloads occur on the Android and Apple market. For most business owners, having an app is something they view as a priority. With a mobile app, businesses are able to connect with their audience in ways they never have before.

Professionals in the app development industry are tasked with bringing a business owner’s vision of the perfect mobile app to life. While this may sound like a relatively easy task, it is anything but. When trying to build an app for the first time, you will be presented with a number of unique challenges.

The key to having a successful app development process is staying organized and on task. Failing to plot out every part of this development process will usually lead to a variety of mistakes being made.

Are you trying to take on the app building process for the same time? If so, check out the helpful tips below.

1. Coming Up With An Idea For a New App

With all of the options on the app market, coming up with a unique idea can be a bit challenging. Before the app development process can start, you will have to iron out the details of what your new program will do. Taking the time to do a bit of market research can help you see where a need in the market exists.

If you are having trouble coming up with an app for your business, consider who your target audience is. Knowing who will be using your program can help you tailor it to a specific need.

One of the best ways to figure out what direction to take with an app is by looking at how the competition has built its app. While you should avoid directly stealing a competitor’s idea, it is perfectly acceptable to draw inspiration from what they are doing. The time and energy you invest in developing a winning app idea will be worth it in the long run.

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2. You Need to Iron Out The Details Before You Build an App

Some newcomers to the world of app development think that all they need is a good idea to have success. While a good idea helps, there are a number of details you have to iron out to see your idea come to life.

Figuring out whether your app will be on the Android or iOS market is the first order of business. Making this decision is much easier with detailed information about which market your core customer uses. Trying to create an app that works on both platforms is a bit expensive and complex for your first development project.

You will also need to figure out what the revenue model of your new app will be. Are you going to charge for premium content? Would you rather sell ad space to make revenue? Consulting with marketing professionals can help you figure out which revenue best suits the audience you are attempting to reach.

3. A Well-Designed App Has a Better Chance of Being Successful

The first thing users will notice about your app is how it is designed. The biggest mistake most new app developers make is making their design too cluttered or confusing. While you need some visual stimulation to keep a user interested, having too much going on can confuse them and lead to them uninstalling the app quickly.

Keeping the design of the app simple and effective is usually your best bet. Once you have a design in place, allowing some users to beta test it is helpful.

With the feedback from the beta tests, you can optimize the look and functionality of your app. Rushing to release your app before it is ready can lead to major disasters in the future.

4. Identifying the App Development Approach You Will Use

The approach you use for the app development process will need to be in line with the budget and time constraints of your client. Developing a native app can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. While these apps will provide the best user experience, most startups simply can’t afford to develop a native app.

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If you are looking to develop an app in a timely and cost-effective manner, making it web-based is vital. Generally, you will need to use CSS or JavaScript code to develop these types of apps.

The latest approach being used by successful app developers is referred to as the hybrid method. With the help of prebuilt native containers and as needed web coding, you can create a hybrid app quickly. Making the hybrid approach work for your app development will require you to use augmented code to create unique features in the native containers.

5. Beta Testing and App Deployment

Once you have developed an app you like, you need to put it into the hands of users to see how well it is received. Ideally, you want to use beta testers that are familiar with the products or services a business offers. Allowing these users to rate the overall app experience, navigational components, and app content can be helpful.

Some app developers get so wrapped up in being first to market that they skip right over the beta testing process. This will lead to the app in question being unstable and prone to crashing.

Working with experienced App Developers is the best way to ensure the program developed is a hit.

A Successful App Can Increase Brand Awareness

Most businesses want to build an app that is representative of their company culture and brand. The key to getting these components in the finished product is choosing developers with a great deal of previous experience.

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