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Stuffed Inboxes: Do People Still Look at Email Marketing? 4 Email Marketing Trends to Try


Almost 60% of B2B marketers receive most of their revenue through a specific marketing channel. Can you guess which one? 

It’s email marketing. 

Like it or not, this form of marketing is alive and well . . . and evolving.

Today, businesses are seeing several new email marketing trends. The results are promising. 

For every marketer, business person and entrepreneur trying to untangle the trends, we’ll explore a few current and upcoming ones right here. 

Would you like more revenue from your own email marketing campaigns? Give these ideas a try.

1. Loyalty Programs

Emails boost loyalty programs through the roof when used correctly. This combination makes a powerful impact, but the key is to use the emails to encourage further interaction with the loyalty program. 

Offer email-subscribers special discounts, send out rewards reminders and offer redemption services that are easy to use.

The average consumer signs up for about 14 loyalty programs, so this is an easy way to reach individuals who already have an interest in your products. 

2. Customer Experience Email Marketing

Businesses now realize that customer-centered marketing isn’t limited to face-to-face techniques; it should apply to the inbox, too. 

For that reason, more companies employ customer experience email marketing, which places customers’ goals in the limelight. The idea is to send personalized messages that help customers achieve their goals. 

It sounds simple, but many businesses continue to rely on campaigns that are overly generic or pushy. They have the business’s interests at heart rather than the consumers’ needs.

As marketing agencies like COSO Media point out, this only discourages customers. 

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By offering assistance, suggesting relevant products or even sending helpful information about a past item, businesses create a stronger connection with consumers. Furthermore, customers are more likely to read the email. 

3. Predictive Emails

With big data and AI, businesses have more opportunities to understand their target audiences than ever before. Predictive email campaigns compile this data to let marketers predict what customers need or desire. 

Naturally, emails are an easy way to pique interest or get clicks–but only if they are relevant to the customer. 

Part of this process involves email segmentation, which categorizes individuals on your email list into smaller groups with similar interests. Then, the company sends personalized emails to each group. 

4. Retargeting

Retargeting is a subtle way to market your business without having to be too forward. 

In traditional retargeting, cookies are dropped into a customer’s browser when they visit your website. After they leave, your business’s ad appears on other sites. 

In a similar fashion, emails now do the same thing. Individuals who interact with your company emails are retargeted for ads after they continue browsing. 

Stay Current on Email Marketing Trends

All areas of business constantly transform and adapt. Whether it’s email marketing trends, changing loyalty programs, or working with AI, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest news. 

But all the evolving business tactics can be overwhelming. 

If you’ve recently started a marketing endeavor, take a look at our article on digital marketing basics. It’s the perfect beginning for anyone interested in reaching out to a few more people. 

It’s time to market your customers’ socks off.

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