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5 Tips for Mastering Your Marijuana Dispensary Marketing Online


Did you know that spending money on legal cannabis throughout the world is expected to be $57 billion by the year 2027?

For dispensaries in states that marijuana is legal marketing their business online can be tricky.

Different federal and state regulations make online marketing a bit complex.

If you’ve got a dispensary in desperate need of more clientele keep reading to check out 5 tips for mastering your marijuana dispensary marketing.

5 Tips for Mastering Your Marijuana Dispensary Marketing Online

Most major platforms online like Facebook and Google prohibit any marijuana or marijuana-related advertisements. Luckily there are many ways to conduct your dispensary marketing legally and effectively.

1. Build a Professional Website

It’s important to first put your dispensary on the internet on its very own site. This site should effectively represent your brand.

It should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and easily inform your visitors about your dispensary and your products. Your site should also be aesthetically pleasing like this site check it out!

If you have never built a website or don’t have much experience you might want to consider hiring a graphic designer to design your graphics which will help build your site. Study other dispensaries websites to get an idea of what you like and want for your own site. 

You might want specific photographs of your products and descriptions or just general information about what you have. This should all be planned out ahead of time before building the website to make the process goes smoother.

2. Visit Industry-Relevant Websites

There are many cannabis-specific websites that have information to help educate people about marijuana. There are also many online communities such as Leafly and Mass Roots where you can inquire about listing your dispensary there.

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Some of these sites also offer advertising opportunities and packages which you can take advantage of also.

3. Collaborate on Digital Content

Take the time to build relationships with larger industry websites such as Leafly and partner up with sites like these to put more information on your own site. Having lots of content on your site such as videos, blog posts, and infographics will help your site in the long run.

As more people search about marijuana because of its growing legalization movements your site will have preference over others sites with less content. Having a blog is almost a necessity in today’s world.

The collaborations or partnerships can be through a trade, payment or anything that you mutually agree on. It’s important to look for other businesses that fit well with your brand. This is a great way to tap into someone else’s online audience in an organic fashion.

4. Native Advertising

Native advertising is when ad messaging is presented in content form. It is a very seamless way that integrates with the look and feel of your website. This type of ad works great because you can actually captivate your audience since the ad is not automatically tuned out. 

Native advertising also helps boost your business’s SEO when another relevant site shares this content.

5. Promo Codes & Tracking URLs

Knowing what type of marketing is working is key to know what to continue doing and what not to continue putting effort into. If you are giving a deal use a promo code to implement a tracking URL to know if it’s being used and where the traffic is coming from.

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This is an easy way to monitor where to keep investing your time and energy.

Feeling Like a Marketing Pro Yet?

After reading the 5 tips above to help you in your cannabis advertising you should be able to immediately begin applying and seeing results. Putting effort into your dispensary marketing will help you grow your business and will bring in new clients.

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