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Brilliant Digital Marketing Ideas for Unusual Niches & Products

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You’ve got a brilliant idea. It’s the kind of low-hanging fruit most marketers wish they could come up with. A niche to end all niches.

The problem is, it’s such an unusual niche that nobody has forged a digital marketing patch for you. You feel like you have to do it all on your own. 

Fear not, you marketing genius! We’ve got some digital marketing ideas for you. Let’s seed that campaign and get you on your feet.

1. Digital Marketing Ideas: Embrace the Weirdness

You picked it, you embrace it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a site about something scandalous, you need to embrace the weird, dark, or edgy side of your unusual niche.

What are some of the most unusual ways your customers or readers use your product? What if you created a SubReddit specifically for your new and unusual niche? Invite users to come up with oddball uses or strange ways the niche solves life problems.

2. Go Gorilla

Gorilla warfare is warfare taken to the streets. There’s no battlefield out in the country. The war happens outside your apartment.

Gorilla marketing is similar. You create something crazy and put it right in front of people’s noses. They can’t ignore this strategy. 

The Walking Dead used this tactic. They’ve put displays on trucks and buses. These made it seem as if zombies were trying to escape the vehicles – it was impossible to miss.

AMC’s gorilla marketing has been so effective that it normalized zombies. Seriously, AMC tried to prank people on the streets of New York City. Few reacted worse than a laugh, though. 

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What’s going to happen when the real zombie apocalypse happens?! Thanks, AMC.

3. Use an Unusual Domain Name

When picking a domain name, don’t use something usual. You want to stand out in the crowd, right? Isn’t that the point of digital marketing?

If you own a home comfort site, you could name your site homecomforter.com or use a non-word like unhumid. Which would stand out more?

Be careful; the entire point of domain names is memorability. If you weren’t trying to help people find or remember your site, you could just use numbers. That would be a pretty bad idea.

While you can and should use unusual names, pick names that people can remember. The name should both stick in your brain and make you go, “huh…” It should tickle the irony bone in your mind. 

4. Use the Power of the Meme

Sometimes, weird and unusual niches appear as memes. Memes are like viruses; their origin is often totally different from where they end up. They morph and spread.

This doesn’t mean a meme featuring your niche can’t be useful. Memes stick in the consciousness long after they’re gone. 

In fact, Denny’s once embraced both the weird and the meme at once. Their “zoom in on the syrup” tweet broke Twitter. It takes only a minute or so to navigate that Tweet, but you won’t forget what you find in the cream, will you?

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