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New Year, New Trends: 5 Digital Marketing Trends Worth Watching In 2019

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The only constant in marketing is change. If you want to compete in this new environment you have to be able to see the latest trend before it happens and adapt.

This requires you to look into the future. And unless you have a crystal ball, predicting future trends is nearly impossible.

Luckily we’ve analyzed trends and data and came up with our best guesses about the biggest digital marketing trends of 2019.

If you want to ensure sure your company is successful in 2019 then check out our list.

1. Artificial Intelligence

One of the impactful changes coming in 2019 is trusting artificial intelligence with more serious business tasks.

On the horizon for 2019 are chatbots. These will help serve customers for less money the humans. They also let you collect user data that helps you customize your marketing strategy.

Though you may be skeptical more and more bots are becoming more lifelike and are able to convince clients that they’re talking to a real person.

There’s also the machine learning that allows you to design bots that track customer activity and tailor the experience toward specific clients.

2. Voice Search

Ok, Google. Hey Seri. Hi Alexa. 

However, you address them it’s no secret that most searches are done through voice commands now. One of the fastest growing trends in digital marketing is ensuring your company is set up for voice searching.

So how do you optimize your company for our new robot voiced overlords?

The answer is in a good SEO strategy.

When people search manually they will often see tons of results. Typically the average Google search results in trillions of results. This means dozens of pages to scroll through and tons of chances to see your content.

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But when you’re using voice search typically you’re only going to get a handful of results. Meaning that if your company is one of these results you’ll get much more attention but if not you’ll lose out on a lot of business.

In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020 over half of all searches will use some sort of voice recognition.

3. Virtuality Reality 

Virtual reality allows you to make your customer’s experience more immersive than ever before. New forms of digital marketing are allowing the clients to build a closer relationship with the product.

In fact, in 2016 the Dali museum released a copy of their VR exhibit Dreams of Dali online to market their upcoming show.

4. Native Advertising Will Become More Common

I’t’s a harsh fact that most people tune out ads or try to block them. That’s why in the last couple of years a new form of advertising has become popular. Native ads are meant to seamlessly blend into the content on the site. 

And in 2019 this advertising trend is only going to be more common.

Since native ads are becoming the norm you have to focus more on creative marketing. This guarantees that your content blends into the site while still holding your audience’s attention. 

5. Mobile Will Continue to Dominate

No matter what the future holds over the past 20 years one thing has been pretty consistent mobile is growing. This is true whether you run a graphic design firm or a home security company.

People are on the go now more than ever and 2019’s digital marketing trends will reflect that.

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Stay up to Date on the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Now that you know the biggest digital marketing trends for 2019, are you ready to implement them? 

If you want to be prepared for 2019 then contact us and we’ll help!