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5 Restaurant Marketing Ideas That’ll Keep Your Business From Flopping


Do you have an excellent restaurant that simply isn’t routinely filling up every night? If so then you might need to consider different restaurant marketing ideas to get more people walking into your doors.

Here are some of the best ideas you can use to market your restaurant to new customers today.

1. Social Media

There are a number of ways you can use social media to market your restaurant. You can use Pinterest to generate organic traffic to your website.

If you create an Instagram account you can take pictures of the delicious meals your staff cooks! 

Going live on Facebook or creating stories on Snapchat is another excellent way to promote. If you host a trivia night share a few clips or stream a couple of minutes to pull more viewers in.

2. Create a Loyalty Program

Just because you aren’t a part of a large national chain doesn’t mean you can’t build your own loyalty program for your customers.  The program can include a number of incentives, including free appetizers, credits towards a free meal, or percentage discounts.

You can also have a customer referral program that can be a bigger incentive for your loyalty program subscribers to promote the restaurant.

If you want to grow your customer base a loyalty program is definitely a smart marketing option. Check out this page and see former restaurant chains that were once a big deal.

3. Work With Local Vendors

Partnering with local vendors is another marketing opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. If you can reach out directly to local hotels in your area they may be able to create a room reservation package that includes a sit-down meal at your restaurant.

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Sponsoring youth teams is another excellent way to generate good publicity for your restaurant. If the team reaches the semifinals or finals of a major state tournament you can increase your exposure on a larger level.

4. Email Newsletter

While you may use a website for general information about your restaurant (and maybe the menu), creating an email newsletter can be another way to market to customers. 

Whether you are reaching out directly to loyalty members, or purchasing leads for potential new customers, having an email marketing campaign is essential for the growth of your business.

It can include employee spotlights, fun facts about your area, and different recipes customers can try. A fun way to keep customers engaged with what’s happening in your establishment.

5. Reach Out to Food Bloggers

Food Bloggers can be another great tool in gaining exposure in your area. Allowing a few bloggers to give reviews of your restaurant can reap major rewards (if the food is amazing).

You are putting yourself at risk of a potentially negative review, so make sure your team is on their “A” game when the blogger walks through the doors!.

Which Restaurant Marketing Ideas Will You Use?

Now that you have seen some of the best restaurant marketing ideas out today, which ones will you start using? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow our blog for more small business information!