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Living for the Likes: How to Treat a Social Media Addiction

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More than 210 million people worldwide are addicted to the Internet and social media. The average American spends nearly four hours per day on smartphones, computers, or tablets. This not only affects their health but also impacts their work performance and productivity as well as their personal relationships.

In fact, Internet addiction contributes to mental disorders and poor overall health. According to a recent study, teenagers who spend five or more hours per day on their smartphones are twice as likely to become depressed compared to those spending only one hour on their phones.

Social media has made our lives a lot easier. In this digital era, we can chat, work, and buy our favorite products with the click of a button. The downside is that we forget to actually live and often end up spending hours in front of the screen.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. With some willpower and coping strategies, you can break your social media addiction. Here are some tips to help you out!

Admit You Have a Problem

The first thing you need to do is to admit that you have a problem. If you’re fine with your social media addiction, you won’t be able to break this cycle.

There are a few telltale signs to watch out for. Small things, such as checking your Facebook newsfeed every few minutes, cooking to share on Instagram, and posting updates on everything you do, may be a sign of addiction.

Do you know everything about people you’ve never met? Are you constantly comparing your life to that of other people on social media? Do you feel frustrated or anxious when you can’t reach your phone to check your go-to social networks?

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If your answer is Yes to most of these questions, you’re probably addicted to social media.

Look for physical symptoms too. These typically include weight gain, eye strain, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, and headaches. You may also experience feelings of guilt and loneliness as well as low self-esteem.

Get a New Hobby

Imagine a world without social media. Or visualize yourself living in a city that’s not connected to the Internet. How would you spend your time?

Think about the things you enjoy the most or things you’ve always wanted to do. It can be anything, from painting and writing to swimming.

Get a new hobby or start a project and focus on it.

For example, you could start taking tennis lessons. By the time you’re done training, you’ll be so tired that social media will be the last thing on your mind.

Plus, you’ll go to sleep earlier in order to wake up refreshed and keep up with the demands of exercise. Your eating habits will improve too.

Leverage Modern Technology

This may sound counterintuitive, but you can actually break your addiction to technology with technology. Nowadays, there are hundreds of apps that can block your access to social media and stop notifications.

Freedom, Stay Focused, SelfControl, Offtime, and Flipd are just a few examples.

Offtime, for instance, is a mobile app that allows users to block social networks, text messages, games, and other distractions. Furthermore, it shows how much time you’re spending on specific websites. 

If nothing works, consider reaching out to a specialist. There are plenty of professionals who can help you find new ways to cope with social media addiction. Take a look at this site to get an idea of what to expect.

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Break Free from Social Media Addiction

Don’t let social media addiction take over your life! Sure, Twitter and Facebook are cool, but they cannot replace real-life experiences and human interaction.

Hold yourself accountable. Decide how much time you want to dedicate to social media each day – and stick to your schedule. It’s in your power to break free from this addiction and get your life back on track.

If you’re using social media to grow your small business, check out these handy tips. You’ll make the most out of your time on social networks and strengthen your brand along the way.