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Is Marketing a Pain? Your Ultimate Guide to Physical Therapy Marketing

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You’ve tried physical therapy marketing strategies in an attempt to reach more people, but they don’t seem to work.

You provide personalized, quality care for your patients and are constantly doing research on new techniques and treatments to improve your service. Yet, you’re still struggling to market your services.

If this sounds all too familiar, it may be time to revamp your physical therapy marketing strategies. More importantly, you need to find ways to make the most of your physical therapy marketing strategy.

Read on to find out.

1. Patient Testimonials

Requesting patient testimonials is by far the most important facet of your physical therapy advertising.

Your target audience is more likely to believe what previous patients say about your services than what’s written by you. Keep in mind that testimonials can go both ways. That is, a bad review can damage your reputation just as much as a good one can take your business to the next level.

Thus, it’s important that you provide outstanding physical therapy to all your patients you so that they will write positive reviews. If a patient encounters any problem, ensure you solve it before they leave your premises.

2. Tailored Messages

When it comes to patient-centered marketing, nothing works better than patient-tailored messages.

Your patients want to know that you can do to solve their problems. For example, someone with an injured rotator cuff will most likely choose you if they know that you’re good at treating that sort of injury. The same goes for all other kinds of injuries.

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For patient-tailored messages to work, you need to support every claim you make with data outcomes that show your track record. Don’t expect people to just take your word for it.

3. Local SEO Marketing

While it’s tempting to market your services to the global market, the last thing you want is to neglect your local market. These are the people who are likely to actually use your services because they’re closer to your premises.

Local SEO marketing starts with visibility and reachability. Claim your Google My Business listings as well as any other directory listings and ensure that they’re fully filled out. Don’t forget to include your working hours and contact information.

Also, use location-based keywords when creating marketing content. For instance, if you’re based in St. Louis, your marketing content should include, “Physical Therapist St. Louis” as a keyword. That way, your website will rank higher in local search results.

SEO digital marketing will prep your business for long-term growth.

4. Create a Service Card

Do you still use tri-folds? Time to ditch them for some good old-fashioned business cards.

A physical therapy business card creates a sense of professionalism and provides an easier way for clients to contact you. It’s also easier for other professionals in the field to refer patients to your clinic by handing out your business card.

5. Build Your Physical Therapy Marketing Strategy Around Your Value Proposition

Marketing for physical therapy is all about standing out.

Do you provide a unique service that nobody in your area offers? Your marketing messages should be centered towards that.

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For example, Envision Health Partners prides itself on providing the best In-Home Physical Therapy for Seniors. They specialize in offering physical therapy at the patient’s home, and they’ve made sure to include their value proposition on their website.

Convert Leads into Customers

With the five physical therapy marketing strategies above, you’re likely to generate some leads for your business. It’s up to you to convert these leads into customers, which you can do with the help of our content marketing funnel guide.