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Digital Dangers: 8 Signs You Might Have a Pornography Addiction

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40 million Americans visit porn sites regularly.

And although this can be a healthy and safe way to explore your sexuality, it can become an addiction. Just like any other addiction, it can leave you in debt and destroy your relationships.

In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the signs that you may have a pornography addiction.

If you are worried that you might have an addiction to porn, there is hope and help available. Like any other addiction, you can conquer it through the proper channels.

1. You Need to Visit Porn Sites Every Day

Some people have higher than average sex drives and visit porn sites almost daily. That doesn’t necessarily indicate an issue.

The problem begins when you absolutely have to visit a porn site every day. If you become irritated or agitated because you can’t go online and look at porn, this may be a sign that you have a deeper issue.

This is especially a problem if you have had an issue with compulsive behavior in the past. Looking at porn can easily become a compulsion.

2. You Spend Hours Each Day Looking at Porn

You don’t just log on to view porn every day, but you do it for hours on end. You may do it for so long that your spouse, partner or housemates complain about all of the time you spend alone in your room on your computer.

If you compulsively spend several hours a day on porn, you may have an addiction.

3. You Get Defensive When Someone Brings Up Your Porn Viewing Habits

As mentioned previously, most people view porn once in a while.

A large chunk of people do it regularly. But you shouldn’t get defensive about how much time you spend looking at porn. If other people around you are complaining and you find yourself getting defensive, you may need to re-evaluate the amount of time you spend surfing for porn.

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4. You Can’t Stop

Maybe you’ve decided you’ll take a break from looking at porn for a day or two. If you’re truly unable to do this, then there is likely a further problem that needs to be looked into. A person who views porn regularly in a healthy manner is able to disconnect with the content and can go a day, two or several without viewing porn.

A person who is addicted to porn cannot stop, even if they make a pact with themselves, spouse or partner not to look at porn for a certain period of time.

5. You’re Not as Attracted to Your Partner

If you’re addicted to porn, you may find your partner isn’t as attractive to you anymore. This may be because he or she don’t fit the unrealistic look that many porn actors have. Remember, many of these actors achieve their looks through surgical enhancement and heavy makeup. Your partner is an ordinary person.

And porn actors often look like ordinary people on their days off as well. But if you become addicted to porn, you’re likely unable to be sexually attracted to anyone who doesn’t look like they’ve popped out of a porn and onto your couch.

6. You Find Yourself Lying About Your Porn Use

If you’ve ever found yourself telling a partner, friend or family member that you’re not looking at porn, but something else, that’s normal once in a while. But if you’re lying about your porn consumption because you’re embarrassed, are ashamed, or feel that you’re looking at it too much, this is an issue.

While you may not want to discuss your porn habits with family or friends, you should have an open line of communication with your spouse. If you notice you’re lying about what you’re up to more often than not when looking at porn, there’s something wrong.

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For instance, if you tell your partner you’re just surfing Facebook when, indeed, you’re looking at porn, you need to examine yourself. 

7. You’re Looking at More Extreme Porn

One major sign of porn addiction is being unable to get off on regular porn. Instead, you’ve consumed so much porn that you need to watch something even more extreme. Is the porn you’re watching becoming increasingly violent or even illegal? If so, it’s time to get some help.

8. You’re Paying a Lot of Money for Porn

Studies show that it is common for people to spend nominal amounts of money on porn or sex toys. But once all of your expendable income, and more, starts to go to porn, there’s a problem. If you notice you’re paying a lot of money each month to subscribe to model’s websites, to donate to cam girls or to buy certain types of porn, you need to rethink your addiction.

Steps to Take If You Think You Have a Pornography Addiction

If you think you have a porn addiction, speak to a counselor. He or she can help you find the appropriate person to speak to in order to help you begin the process of recovery. If you’re looking for something faith-based, Christian counseling for individuals who have suffered from porn addictions can also be helpful for you.

Don’t Let Porn Addiction Ruin Your Life

A pornography addiction doesn’t have to ruin your life. Instead of being embarrassed and ashamed, take control of where you’re heading.

If pornography has taken over your life and you’re looking for a whole new career, why not start a website that can help other people battling the same addiction?

Check out this article to help you find out why you need to take your website’s design seriously so that you can attract the people who need to see it. You may change someone’s life!