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3 Brilliant Social Media Campaign Ideas to Drive New Clients to Your Plastic Surgery Practice


Would you like to host a successful social media campaign–one that will drive swarms of new clients to your practice?

There are lots of great campaign ideas out there already. There have also been some epic fails, like Dove’s attempt to shape its bottles like various women’s’ body types.

Which social media campaign ideas are ideal for your plastic surgery practice? Here are three great ones to choose from.

1. Start a Vlog

As a savvy business owner, you likely already know the importance of a company blog. But what about a vlog?

It’s not a typo–it’s the term for a video blog. With 61% of businesses now using videos for marketing purposes, it’s time to jumping on the vlogging bandwagon.

Imagine your ideal client–her daily life, her hopes, fears, and goals. On your vlog, you’ll create a character who posts about all that and more. Think of it as a video diary to share with the world!

The more your followers become interested in the character’s world, the more they’ll be drawn to your ideas (and your practice). Before you hire someone to play your character, make sure to read up on the legal do’s and don’ts associated with vlogs.

2. Host a VIP Event

Everyone loves receiving VIP treatment. Why not host a special event and run an entry contest on social media?

You could invite followers to enter for their chance to win a ticket. This could be through liking or sharing some of your content. You could also create interest by giving away tickets to the first 20, 50, or 100 people that sign up.

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Plan something really special for the event to get everyone excited. This might include free facials, product giveaways, or a presentation on new services or techniques. Include some (healthy) gourmet food and champagne or wine to make the event feel extra glamorous.

To keep the buzz going, invite everyone to post pictures of the party on your social media pages. This will create eager anticipation for future events.

3. Invite Followers to Ask Questions

Sometimes it’s exhausting to come up with new ideas for blogs and vlogs. Rather than researching keywords or discussing the same old topics, why not ask your followers what they’d like to know?

You could pose a question like this: What is something you’ve always wanted to know about plastic surgery (but were too afraid to ask)?

Post this question across your social media accounts and invite followers to comment. Be prepared to answer everything from cellulite to under eye hollows filler. Be sure to follow up with appropriate short responses to some of their questions.

If you receive a question that merits a more in-depth response, promise to address it soon in a blog or vlog post. This ensures your followers will be checking in for your latest answers.

Final Thoughts on Your Social Media Campaign

So, which of these social media campaign ideas is best suited for your practice?

Whichever one(s) you choose, you’re sure to see increased engagement on your social media pages–and increased clients at your door.

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