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5 Video Marketing Trends That Will Impact Your Digital Marketing Strategy


There are multiple marketing strategies that successful brands employ, but video marketing trends are what’s on the rise. In fact, Facebook users alone watch about 8 billion videos per day.

If you visit any social media site – whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – you’ll see countless videos on your feed. It makes sense to use this as an opportunity to improve your brand. 

Compared to a wall of text, video is much more engaging. Not only does it arouse a user’s visual senses, but also their auditory senses. When watching content, a human being will retain 95% of it. When reading, that same human only retains 10%.

To find out more about the latest video marketing trends and how they can improve your brand, continue reading below. 

1. Live Video and Live Streaming

This is one of the video marketing trends that a brand can use to improve their authenticity. With live video and live streaming, users feel like the video is less scripted and the message is more trustworthy. 

As an additional bonus, companies will not have to spend more money on production and editing. This method is not only cost effective, but also saves time. 

2. Video Advertising

Advertising is a classic way of marketing. In today’s market, however, video advertisements on social media sites are much more effective than traditional methods. 

On both Facebook and YouTube, users have to watch advertisements before viewing content. This is an opportunity for your brand to expand.

3. Unique Videography

One of the best things about video marketing is the many unique ways to film it nowadays. You can choose from video reality, augmented reality, 360-degree video, or even aerial videography (like the work on http://garybphotography.com/).

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Users are already engaged by the visual and auditory qualities of video, but adding a unique form of videography to that will boost the coolness factor of your brand, making your brand more memorable.

4. Conversion Funnel

All brands try to use their content marketing to push users along to conversion, but many brands forget to apply this to video marketing. With this more engaging form of marketing, it’s more likely that users will convert. 

You can also use this strategy to create personalized video content for former, current, and potential customers. These are often sent directly to individual inboxes.

5. E-Learning

Videos are great for promoting fun, narrative content, but users also like to learn something. Through engaging e-learning video content, you can position your brand as an authority in your industry.

New information can be boring when presented as a wall of text. With a video, users absorb content in a more entertaining way, which is a better user experience.

Video Marketing Trends

Knowing the latest video marketing trends is half the battle. How you implement these to improve your brand is up to you. 

Of course, brand success doesn’t happen overnight. The key is consistency. If you keep applying these tips and engaging in authentic interactions with users, growth is inevitable. 

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