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A Fish on the Line: How to Land More Bites with Pay Per Call Marketing


According to a 2013 study by Google, 70% of mobile consumers have called a business through mobile search.

What’s more, 47% of users said that if a business doesn’t have a phone number available, they would want to look at other brands instead. When it comes to the final process of a sale, many customers still want to interact with a business through a phone call.

Not through email. Not through text. Not even Twitter DMs. 

A phone call provides a human connection between a business and a customer. 

That’s where pay per call marketing comes in. Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn how to land more conversions through pay per call marketing. 

What Is Pay Per Call Marketing?

Pay per call marketing is a marketing campaign that is tracked through phone calls. A business–called the advertiser–pays a publisher to run a campaign. The advertiser will pay for every call generated through the campaign. 

How Does It Work?

The advertiser creates a marketing campaign. They give the information to the publisher who uses a phone number that they can track data with. 

When a visitor sees the campaign, they are directed to a phone number to call for more information. The call is routed to the advertiser who does regular business with the visitor. 

The publisher receives a commission for each call. Usually, calls that aren’t answered won’t get commision. The advertiser can also set the criteria of a successful call, such as the length of the call and other factors. 

You can read more about pay per call marketing to see how businesses can use it to increase leads and conversions.

Which Products and Services Should Use Pay Per Call Marketing?

Pay per call marketing is best for products and services that generate hundreds or thousands of dollars per sale. For example, insurance businesses or legal services can benefit. These types of services require high consideration before making a purchase.

When a customer is looking for answers about your product or services, an email won’t be a sufficient contact form. With an email, a customer has to type out a message and wait for a response which can take hours or days.

A phone call can instantly connect a customer with a business and yield answers right away. 

Why Should My Company Use Pay Per Call Marketing?

There are several benefits to using pay per call marketing for your business. 

Higher ROI 

With phone calls, you can get a higher return on investment. 

When you set up a search campaign, you also have to set up a landing page and a website. You might need to create quality content such as a blog. You want to give your visitors a reason to stay on your website.

You need to invest time and money on this. However, with pay per call marketing, all you need to set up is a working phone. 

Phone Calls Provide a Human Connection

Have you ever picked up the phone to call a business–only to be met with a computer on the other side? It’s frustrating when you want to speak to someone, but you have to figure out the maze of which numbers to dial and which extension to use.

Phone calls provide a connection that messaging can’t. When there’s a person on the other line, they can respond to the customer.

They can gauge how the customer is feeling through the tone of their voice. These subtleties can’t be picked up through online chat or email.

Over the phone, you can tell if the customer is getting annoyed or losing patience. You can also tell if the customer seems interested, or if they want to learn more. All these cues can help lead to a successful sale and a satisfied customer. 

More Likely to Convert

With traditional search advertising, the goal is to get visitors to click on your ad, get to your website, and purchase your product or service. However, many times a click doesn’t necessarily lead to a conversion.

This may be because the visitor doesn’t find what they’re looking for. Or perhaps they’re interested, but they can’t make a decision. 

They might send an email message for an inquiry. They might even chat with someone to ask questions. But email and chat don’t reflect as much commitment as a phone call does. 

With pay per call marketing, you are more likely to get a conversion than clicks alone. 

When a person calls a business, chances are they’re ready to make a purchase. They’ve already done research on the product they’re looking for and have made their decision. 

By implementing a pay per call marketing campaign, you’re reaching customers at the end of the sales funnel. 

Track Data

With pay per call marketing, you can track data. You can track how many phone calls you received. You can also track the length of the phone call.

With this data, you can see what’s working and what needs to be refined. How long is the average call? How long does it take to make a sale? 

You can even use a code to track what actions led to the call if it’s through your website. You can use this information to improve your sales process. 

Interested In Learning More?

Ready to start a pay per call marketing campaign? You can contact a publisher that implements the program and see how they can help you set up a campaign.

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