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Why Every Business Needs Their Own Company Blog

Company Blog

One of the most vital tools in the business market is an informational website. Whether it’s for commercial purposes or to extend the face of its brand, every business needs a blog.

There are close to 22 billion blog pages read by 409 million people every month. That’s close to a half billion potential customers. But only if your company joined in this phenomenal endeavor.

Successful Fortune 500 companies rely on this effective marketing strategy. And, most internet users consider blogs a trustworthy source of information.

If you’re unsure about whether your business needs its own blog, keep reading. Here we discuss some valid reasons why every business needs their own company blog.

A Company Blog Builds Brand

The word “brand” is like the letter A in the business marketing dictionary. No company gets to Z successfully without it.

Branding is a crucial marketing tool-online and offline. It helps companies draw a dividing line between them and other competitors.

For example, if you owned a bridging company like Bridge Brothers. You would want to build your brand online as well as brick and mortar.

A blog also aids in building an emotional rapport with current and potential customers with online engagement. Not to mention the creative opportunities to shape your image the way you’d like.

With a blog, your business can also control its branding platform with resourceful content that builds an audience.

More Clientele

The sole purpose of every business is to obtain customers. Companies can’t run or exist without them.

Running a blog helps boost clientele. Take its connection to social media, for example. Blog content is shareable marketing. It’s fuel for online tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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2.34 billion people have social media accounts. That means the average percentage for businesses to acquire more customers increases. More eyes on social media equates to more eyes on your blog content. That leads to prospective customers.

Partnerships and Cross-Promotion

Becoming an authority is a great feat, but it’s doable. Blogs offer that opportunity through partnerships and cross-promotion.

Contributorship and guest posting is an online craze. It allows community bloggers the opportunity to write on someone’s else’s blog. The best advantage of guest blogging is some of those writers are customers.

These customer’s write informational articles designed to make your brand look like the authority. The plus side is they may link to another medium that offers a complementary product.

Doing so could create a partnership where your company and another brand cross-promote one another. The end result builds stronger authority for your brand. And, you gain credibility by supplying more value to your readers.

Growth Opportunities

Businesses should always look for reasons and ways to grow. Progress comes from information.

A company blog opens the door for customer feedback. Customers can rate your products and service through the comment feature. They can also add reviews.

Viable customer feedback informs a business of its reach and where they are as a leader in their field of expertise. Use that feedback to make growth changes.

Good reviews build businesses.

Set up a Blog

A company blog has the potential to set your business up as a leader. It’s the foundation for a good marketing strategy.

There are more compelling benefits to blogging. For the most part, use it to build your brand and increase public relations.

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