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8 Genius eCommerce Website Marketing Tips to Help You Finish 2018 Strong

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The Internet has evolved to become one of the most powerful tools at an entrepreneur’s disposal.

In fact, analysts predict that ecommerce will account for 14% of total sales by the year 2021, making it quite the convenient and lucrative option for the small business owner.

But, like any other business, you’re going to need to have a solid plan in order to properly engage with your audience and increase conversions. This is especially true as we near Black Friday.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at eight effective ways you can improve your ecommerce website marketing.

1. Pictures Are Crucial

On an ecommerce site, it’s imperative that you use images liberally. After all, what better way would you be able to show off the products you’re selling?

But, images aren’t only useful for showcasing inventory. They also help your readers have a more pleasant experience when viewing your website.

Nobody wants to read a wall of text, and chances are that they’re not going to. So, drop a picture in every now and then to help spice things up.

2. Be Detailed

If you’re the owner of a lesser-known ecommerce business, you might now have hundreds of customer testimonies to back up your products’ quality and your reliability as a business owner. In fact, some people might feel they’re taking a risk by shopping with you.

But, it’s just part of the game, and there will always be skeptics out there.

What you can do, however, is provide as much detail as possible about what you’re selling. Not only will this help people make the right purchasing decision for them, but it will also provide a level of transparency that will build consumer trust.

3. Optimize Your Site’s Navigation

The last thing you want is for your site’s users to have difficulty finding what they’re looking for one your site (or even get lost while doing so).

An intuitive search bar that provides users with a variety of search options is a must. At the bare minimum, your audience should be able to quickly search through categories.

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If you’re not sure how easy you should make your site to use, build it with the intention that even first-time visitors will be able to find what they’re searching for without any issues.

4. Blog, Blog, Blog

Blogging is too important to be overlooked.

Not only can you use blogging as a platform to provide value to your customers, but you can also establish authority in your industry by offering high-quality, informative content.

Furthermore, blogging is one of the most effective ways to help your audience find your ecommerce site through search engines. Thus, your SEO strategies should be top-notch if you’re serious about your business.

Blogs are also a great way to get your readers’ contact info in exchange for something free. Offering a free download of an ebook, guide, or newsletter is a great way to grow your email list.

5. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

Email marketing has the potential to be insanely lucrative, but many entrepreneurs forego its usefulness.

Why is that, you ask? Because email marketing is hard. Plain and simple.

It’s hard to write something compelling enough to keep the reader’s attention without sounding too much like a sales pitch. But, once you get good at it, the possibilities are endless.

Through your email list that you’ve been accruing from your blog posts, you can send your leads enticing offers that will help boost your sales.

6. Engage with Your Consumers + Humanize Your Brand

Everyone likes to buy new stuff. That is, after all, why ecommerce works in the first place.

But, nobody wants to feel like they’re being sold something by a company.

The more you make your audience feel like a sales number, the less they’re going to resonate with your brand. This will drastically decrease the chance of them becoming loyal customers.

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Adding a bit of a human element to your business goes a long way. A great way to achieve this is to interact with your audience.

Having a public comment section at the end of your blog posts will show your readers that you’re willing to answer questions and respond to them, which will help separate your business from on built around driving sales.

Personalizing packages you send to your customers is also a great way to show them you’re more than just your average small business.

But, you’ll still want to ship through Certified Mail services. Click here for more info.

7. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

This is one of the most valuable ecommerce website marketing tips available.

In 2017, approximately 24% of total ecommerce sales were made completed using a mobile device.

You’d be missing out on a fairly large chunk of cash if you forego optimizing your site for mobile use.

If you don’t take the time to make sure your site is formatted correctly on mobile devices, your audience may find it too much of an eyesore to continue using it.

So, do what you have to do, whether it’s making icons smaller, moving tabs around, or having a separate format entirely for mobile users.

8. Reward Loyalty

If you’re looking to make more sales, offering discounts is a great way to do it. But, if those discounts are achieved through customer loyalty, you’ll be creating a better scenario for both you and your audience.

Giving your past customers offers like free shipping, money off of their order total, or redeemable points are great ways to show your audience that you care.

Ecommerce Website Marketing Can Seem Intimidating

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the above ecommerce website marketing tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to increasing sales and creating a better experience for your audience.

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