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Create Car Content: 4 Reasons Why You Need a Car Dealership Blog

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When you first bought your car, how much research did you do? If you’re like many other people, that thirst for knowledge drove you to a countless amount of websites. You probably scraped the very corners of the internet trying to learn about the best car for you.

Along the way, you likely passed by a car dealership blog a couple of times. You contributed to the mountains of traffic car dealerships can get when they proffer the information people look for. Chances are when someone looks up a car on the internet, they aren’t just looking for prices. They want to know about the car.

That’s a hidden market for car information that you can capitalize on with a blog. Keep reading to learn why you need a blog to improve your car dealership!

1. They Drive Traffic Like Any Other Website

Just like any other website on the internet, blogs attract people. They’re like the first kind of social media and are more effective than just a Facebook page. In fact, a recent survey found that companies with blogs get more customers.

Not only will that extra traffic get you more customers, but you’ll also be able to open revenue streams. Manufacturers and repair services are also looking for ways to get their names out. If they see that you are attracting large crowds, they may offer you money to write about them.

2. It Allows You to Implement SEO Strategies

Not only do blogs attract people – but they also attract search engines. With blogs, you can implement strategies to rise on search engine rankings stand above your competition, literally.

Once people see that you are higher on the rankings, they will click on your website to read a blog. And since your blog is likely on the same website you use to sell cars, they’ll only be a click away from checking out your prices.

3. People Do a Lot of Research on Their Cars

People are generally wary of spending thousands of dollars on something they know very little about. That’s why they google terms like, “Silverado trucks 2019,” to research the car generally. While they may reach out to specific dealerships to learn about a specific car, they turn to the internet to learn about it generally.

That means that people are already looking for you. They want the information that you give out. All you need to do is post it online.

4. A Car Dealership Blog Helps You Stand Out

A blog will also help differentiate you from the competition. It’ll let people know that you are a legitimate salesperson with a reputation to protect. You won’t sell them a lemon.

By investing in a blog, you are showing that you care about your business as a whole. And more importantly, you care about them. A blog will tell people that you want to help them out, not just sell them a car. And they will be more likely to shop with you because of it.

Blogs Are Essential For Any Business With a Web Presence

A car dealership blog isn’t really that different from any other blog. The fact that it’s specifically about cars can actually help it. Since the topic is so specific, it gets to leverage more SEO strategies.

Yet, the downside of blogs is that since the internet is always changing, their payoff can diminish. It’s not hard to stay ahead of digital marketing trends, but you need to do it for your blog to pay off.

If you’re having trouble staying ahead of the internet, just contact us. We’ll keep you updated on the latest news about how digital marketing is changing, and stay ahead of the trends.