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A Gun Owner’s Guide to Firearm Marketing in the 21st-Century

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There are close to two billion websites in the world. That means that online marketing in any industry is crucial for success. This includes firearm marketing.

Bills in recent years have placed restrictions on the marketing of firearms. However, gun retailers can still find effective ways to market their products online.

Read on to learn the best methods for firearm marketing in the 21st century.

Targeted Email Marketing

Some of today’s marketers look at email marketing as a thing of the past. However, it still yields strong results for many businesses.

But email marketing does not mean sending out the same, generic message to all your contacts. Personalize the emails you send out. It will lead to greater success in your marketing campaign.

Tailor your emails to a particular group of customers’ interests. If the information you have shows that they prefer a particular type of firearm or a specific accessory, advertise to that.

Use interest check boxes that you can include on sign-up forms for your email lists.

You’ll be able to see who is most likely to buy which products. You will know what interests you should cater to with those personalized emails.

SEO-Focused Blogging

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Consumers find products and information online by utilizing search engines such as Google.

Use online SEO tools to discover which keywords are being searched for most often and how many searches per month include them.

Be as specific as possible with your keywords. The more specific you are with them, the more likely your posts will rank in customers’ searches. They’ll find you more easily and quickly.

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Take these keywords or topics and create specific blog posts around them. For an example of this type of blog post, take a look at www.outdoormethods.com.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook currently has over one billion monthly active accounts.  However, the company does not allow for the paid advertising of firearms. Still, the scope and reach of social media marketing are too good to pass up.

Businesses that have their Federal Firearms License can do organic posts on Facebook to promote their products.

Similar to email marketing, be sure to target a specific, appropriate audience. Create content that stands out on users’ news feeds and is easily shareable, such as quick videos. Be as creative and unique.

Review your analytics. Track how your posts are doing so you know if you need to change your methods at all.

Moving Forward With Firearm Marketing

Firearm marketing may appear challenging at first. It can be difficult to figure out a way to advertise guns in today’s society, where these weapons are looked at in such a negative light.

However, following these tips will help you update and improve your marketing strategies so that they will appeal to modern day consumers.

Do you have any more questions about firearm marketing or other marketing strategies? If so, please contact us so we can assist you!