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5 Creative Digital Marketing Strategies to Put Your Plumbing Business on the Map

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What’s the easiest way to increase customers and sales for your plumbing business?

When you use online marketing, your visibility will increase and you’ll attract new customers. But here’s the problem: your competitors are likely using the same digital marketing strategies.

To grow your plumbing business with digital marketing, you need to use unique and creative digital marketing strategies.

But you’re not a digital marketing professional, you’re a plumber. Standing out from the pack is difficult. Fortunately, there are a myriad of ways to sell your services in a unique manner.

Here are five creative digital marketing techniques that are perfect for your plumbing business.

1. Create Amazing Commercials for Social Media

Before the internet, commercials were the optimal way to market your business.

And the same goes for the internet era. According to Forbes, 64% of people say watching a video entices them to buy a product or service.

But don’t create any video. Make a silly plumbing video that’s entertaining and educational.

2. Improve Your Branding

Without proper branding, your plumbing company is nothing. Branding encompasses the unique aspects that make your plumbing business stand out from the pack. Your branding helps customers identify your company.

Branding includes an overall brand concert, your logo, certain color schemes, and even a company personality. Even if one customer doesn’t use your service, they can look at an ad and know it’s your company.

3. Cross-Promotion

Do you have connections in like-minded industries? Cross-promotion is an effective technique. You can partner with non-competitor but similar businesses and promote each other.

For example, let’s say you have a friend who owns a bathroom design company.

If they notice a client needs improved plumbing, they can refer your company.

You can do the same for them.

4. Create a Blog

Blogging is the easiest way to develop an audience and improve your SEO performance. Your blog should serve as the opportunity to educate your customers. You can use a crafty writing style to make your blogs entertaining.

How do you find topics to write? The easiest way is by doing competitor research.

Read more now for different blog ideas.

5. Post on Forums

Do you find yourself searching through Reddit and Quora forums? These are great places to promote your business! Many people go to these forums for questions, and you’ll likely find plumbing questions.

Regularly follow plumbing forms. When someone asks a question, be the first one to answer. Don’t forget to state your qualifications and include a link to your website.

Use These Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Plumbing Business

From social media to Reddit, there are many ways to promote your plumbing business.

Digital marketing is essential for any business. But it’s easy to get lost in the competition.

Using creative digital marketing strategies will ensure you stand out from the competition.

The right digital marketing campaign will create an engaging brand while also making you a trusted source in your industry.

For more digital marketing advice, continue to read our blog.