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The Top 10 Digital Marketing Tactics for Aviation Companies

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Are you still stuck in your old ways of marketing your aviation company? Old marketing techniques in TV and print are going the way of the dodo. It’s not even funny.

Global statistics predict digital travel sales worldwide will reach $700 billion in 2018. In a couple of years, another $100 billion in growth. Digital marketing is the right way to do it if you want some of that money.

In that regard, you need to update your digital marketing tactics. You should stay with the current trends in the marketing industry. Otherwise, you’re already behind.

We compiled 10 powerful digital marketing trends in the aviation industry. Add them to your arsenal. Update your tactics with these and get the upper hand.

1. Improving Mobile Presence

One of the current digital marketing trends that is a must in aviation is creating a mobile presence. If you have not done so already, do it now.

Mobile bookings are increasing by the years. This part of the aviation business has been growing since 2015. That’s due to the increasing mobility of travelers worldwide.

Statistics show that mobile travel bookers in the US increased by 27% from 2016 to 2018. These translated to 14 million more sales.

With Google focusing on mobile, you have no reason not to follow these trends in marketing.

2. Optimizing for Mobile Search

If you want to take advantage of the mobile trends, here’s the first thing you need to do. Establish accelerated mobile pages.

Not sure where to start? Google provided a free mobile-friendliness test tool to test your site’s mobile pages.

Mobile search is a more personalized experience. This means the keywords that the users will use focus on questions they have.

Take advantage of the new keyword usage by leveraging long-tail keywords. Add questions to your content and answer those questions with simple, succinct answers. These questions will drive high-quality traffic to your pages.

3. Voice Search

We’re on the topic of leveraging mobile trends in marketing, so here’s a thought. We recommend optimizing your content for voice search.

20% of all mobile searches are voice searches. Adding this to the types of digital marketing you use can generate higher value traffic for you.


Write in a conversational tone. Answer pain points with your product offerings.

Aim for the featured snippets on top of every Google search. The local 3-pack and the featured answer can bypass even the number 1 position in the first page. This means you’re more visible.

4. Using Micro-Moments

Google has coined a new consumer behavior. They call it Micro-Moments – and it’s fascinating.

Micro-Moments take advantage of customer’s impulse decision making. Google says this is translatable that into successful marketing. How?

By delivering your message as clear and concise as possible, Google is saying you can catch customer pulse.

How can you take advantage of such micro-moments? Be where impulse decisions happen. These places include Google, Youtube, and Amazon.

Show your content’s value. Content does not need to be Hollywood-levels gorgeous. All it needs is to be worth the time your customer engages with it.

5. Automated Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming more relevant now more than ever. Google’s AI Assistant can now answer phone calls without a hitch.

While chatbots are not expected to be the same, a smart marketer can create proper funnels with them. Set their automated answers to start conversations with possible customers who want to do business with you.

One on one conversations through chatbots are not only useful trends in marketing.

A responsive chatbot can recall full details about a customer. It can keep meeting customer expectations. This can get you more leads and conversions.

6. Personalized Marketing

Aviation marketing is all about making an impression in the mind of a traveler. With the current types of digital marketing, there’s nothing as effective as personalized marketing.

In personalized marketing, the customer is king. Your message aims to show them that your products are there for them. If you succeed, you’re looking at a loyal customer with a long lifetime value for your brand.

How do you do personalized marketing? Collect as much data as you can. Social media leverages customer data – and for a reason.

Knowing what your customer likes, dislikes, profession and preferences help you custom-fit your offerings to them.

7. Leverage Social Media Trends

Social media is not a new thing in the marketing industry. It is, however, a more significant part of it now more than ever.

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are becoming more valuable. They can maximize your company’s branding efforts with proper engagements and KPI tracking from your side.

Use social media marketing trends to the fullest extent.

Leverage your promotional offers to get as much buzz as possible. Reward your customers with a solid customer experience on your pages. If you think you can, play the social media game like how Wendy’s endeared themselves to their customer base.

8. Data-Driven Marketing

We can’t talk about social media without talking about data-driven digital marketing. This is not a trend anymore. It’s a must.

Do you want to cut the risk in your campaigns and get a stronger return-on-investment (ROI)? Then get as much data as you can.

Read your social media and campaign data. Set key performance indicators (KPI) for your specific goals.

Are you aiming for visibility? Do you need more leads? A better conversion rate?

Set goals as your KPI and adjust your marketing trends according to data. Laser-focus your marketing efforts and follow where the numbers carry you.

9. Videos and Stories

Video tends to be one of the most significant sources of viral marketing on the internet. Video marketing is not the future of content marketing. It’s the now.

Quick positive videos and video stories on social media can channel views into brand mentions, especially if you can generate inspirational or funny content.

Use videos with thought. Too short and you won’t have enough to get your message across. Too long and you’ll bore your audience.

Where you can, take advantage of social media live streaming. Use Q&As, behind the scene footages and contests. Human interest stories are powerful if you can use them to move your audience.

10. Meme Marketing

Meme marketing is one of the brand new marketing trends. We will admit, a lot of strait-laced firms in the marketing industry may eschew this move. That’s because it’s the same as slang.

Is it one of the best trends in marketing? Yes!

Like how Wendy’s stopped worrying about their Twitter persona, meme marketing can be an integral part of a high-value campaign. Ask Gucci about it.

People love brands that are like them. It gives them a sense of belongingness.

In the aviation industry? Use thoughtful meme campaigns and integrate it into your promotional material. See how your ROI balloon.

Do You Need All of These Digital Marketing Tactics?

Why do you need these digital marketing trends?

Treat the Internet as an ever-changing jungle and digital marketing strategies as your trail. For you to survive, you need to have a solid path that can guide you around the landscape.

If you don’t update your digital marketing tactics, you’ll get lost. For aviation companies, it’s twice as perilous with all the competition.

That’s why you need a robust guide that can help you survive the jungle of the Internet. That’s where we at Digital Media Thoughts come in.

Digital Media Thoughts is your best partner to guide you around the ins and outs of digital marketing for different industries. Whether it’s aviation or another niche, our knowledge of marketing trends and social media marketing can be valuable.

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