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Take a Hint from Google: How to Create an Awesome Office for Your Tech Company

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Spending 40 hours a week in a small, plain cubicle at work does not always yield productive and engaged employees. Modern office spaces have changed how people feel about going to work by changing the decor, furniture, and upgrading the lighting.

Tech company employees require a flexible working space that will stimulate them while working on big projects and assignments.

Here’s how to create an awesome office for your tech company.

Add Pops of Color

Staring at blank, white walls all day can be less than inspiring. Create a stimulating environment for your employees to work in by adding pops of color throughout the space.

You can do this by purchasing pieces of artwork and design to place throughout the office. Another option is to add pieces of brightly colored statement furniture, drapes, rugs, wall decals, or pillows.

Colorful wall decals as inspirational quotes can also be an encouraging and uplifting message for employees during the day.

Add Flexible Seating to Make an Awesome Office

Sure, traditional office chairs work fine, but what about trying other types of seating?

Modern tech offices and startups are encouraging movement during the work day by providing workers with different options for sitting and moving around. Some examples of this would be bean bag chairs, inflatable workout balls, and foam blocks.

You can even try not sitting at all! Try incorporating desks that get you standing up at them. This helps get you up to circulate your blood so that you aren’t sitting down all day. 52 percent of people who tried these standing desks felt more engaged while at work.

Rethink Your Lighting

Overly bright fluorescent lighting seems to be the norm in traditional office spaces. These lights can often put an uncomfortable strain on your eyes which isn’t conducive to a productive workspace.

Consider getting each desk an individual lamp that’s adjustable to each person’s lighting needs. One popular trend right now is to use decorative string lights or “fairy lights.” You can even arrange and place them in fun shapes or words on the walls.

Incorporate Greenery into the Office

Having a few office plants will start to increase the oxygen amounts that circulates and cleans the air. This can result in increasing the productivity of your tech employees.

Indoor plants can also de-stress the office, make people feel happier, and increase the amount of energy you have throughout the day.

Employees can stretch their legs by getting up to water and take care of the plants during the day. This way, plants can provide a nice distraction from the constant work.

While these are all aesthetic changes, you might need to consider some bigger projects to upgrade your office as well. Click here to learn more about Jeff Macdonald Plumbing for all your commercial plumbing needs.

Upgrade Your Space

Creating an awesome office for your tech company can be easily done by incorporating some of these tips. Adding some paint, new lighting, and plants are relatively inexpensive ways to upgrade your office space.

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