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10 Event Marketing Tips That Will Make You Shine at Your Next Conference

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You’ve planned the perfect conference that will provide value to the attendees. It’s also going to be a ton of fun with speakers, giveaways, and entertainment.

The only problem is: no one will show up if your marketing isn’t flawless.

Your marketing plan for this event needs to be well thought-out and strategic. It needs to intrigue existing customers and attract new ones. If not, what’s the point?

Luckily, marketing an event isn’t as hard as you think; you just have to follow these key steps. Keep reading for 10 important features of event marketing.

1. Make a Web Page for the Event

Having a website or page on your site dedicated to the event is crucial. Some companies even create a separate landing page for the event. Regardless, you need an online home-base with all the event’s information.

Include date, time, and how to get tickets. There should be information on the speaker lineup, entertainment, and any other details.

If people have questions, there needs to be an easy way for them to get in contact with you. This is the base for your entire event marketing strategy.

2. Create Compelling Video

Video is the newest tool making a splash in the marketing pool. People would rather watch a video than read text to get the information.

Consider filming some promotional videos for the conference. They could feature speakers and the venue; explain what’s going to happen on the big day. Create some excitement for the event by giving away some details and hinting at others.

3. Use Social Media Promotion

Use all your social media channels to promote the event. This means posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn about the event. You may even want to create a Facebook Page for the event that users can share.

Remember to engage with anyone who likes or comments on your posts. Check out their profiles and, if they align with your target customers, follow them.

Create a hashtag for the event that your followers can use. This will allow users to find event-related content on the platforms.

4. Notify Your Email List

If your business has a website, you’ve likely been working on growing your email list. Some say your email list is your most important asset. In terms of digital marketing, it’s certainly a priority.

Give your email list followers exclusive access to event information. You could even hold a giveaway for free tickets.

As the event date approaches, send countdown emails to get everyone excited. The closer you get to the date, the more you can reveal about the lineup.

5. Add Guest Posts on Blog

The blog section of your website should also market the event. In the weeks leading up to the event, consider having your speakers guest post.

They can write an introduction post to what they’ll be speaking about at the conference. Make sure it encourages readers to attend the event. Promote these guest posts on your social media accounts.

You can also reach out to experts in your industry to write guest posts. Using experts adds authority and trustworthiness to your brand’s image. When customers know your brand is reliable and honest, they feel safe spending money.

6. Send the Press an Invite

Want to stir up some hype around your event? The best way to do that is by inviting the media. Journalists love covering big events in the community.

Consider writing a press release that invites media outlets to the event.

Also, reach out to different community groups and let them know about the event. They can post it to their community event calendars and share it with their followers.

7. Get People Excited About Freebies

People love getting free stuff. Even if it’s as small as a custom lanyard (like the ones from lanyardusa.com) or a reusable cup. When we get something for free, it feels like we’re getting more than our money’s worth.

At your event, have a few different freebies ready to hand out. They could be from community partners, sponsors, or independent businesses.

8. Use Cross Promotion

If you have relationships with other businesses in your community, consider cross promotion. They may have an event near yours you could promote. And, they could promote your event to their customers.

This is one reason why building relationships with other businesses is so helpful. They don’t need to be competitors. Consider brands whose values align with yours and would add value to your customers’ lives.

9. Use Testimonials from Past Events

Use testimonials from past events to promote your next one. These reviews act as proof that this upcoming conference will be successful.

That means you need to lay the groundwork for collecting testimonials at this event. You may want to create post-event surveys that ask the attendees for feedback. Anyone that enjoyed the conference should get followed-up with for a full testimony.

10. Make It Easy

Every aspect of your event marketing campaign should be simple. People should be able to look at the marketing medium and know exactly what your brand is about.

Customers aren’t going to spend extra time trying to understand what your event is about. If they don’t get it in a few seconds, they’ll move on. Make sure your branding is cohesive across all marketing materials.

If people want to buy tickets for the event, that should be an easy task as well. Use a clear and easy to remember URL for your event web page. Don’t make them jump through a ton of hoops to get their ticket.

Want More Tips on Event Marketing?

Your upcoming conference is sure to be a hit, as long as people show up. How can you ensure people come? By having amazing event marketing strategies.

Use the tips listed above to get your marketing plan on the right path. This event deserves its own web page, promotion, and tactics.

For more tips on event marketing, digital marketing, and branding tips, check out the blog.