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The Top Insurance Marketing Tips to Attract New Customers

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These days, insurance marketing is all about making the most of new technologies.

Of course, this wasn’t always the case. Not that long ago, the only way to acquire new policyholders was to interact with them face-to-face. Insurance agents were connecting the carrier and the consumer, which gave them all the power.

Now, there are some things that haven’t changed. At its core, the insurance business is still about maintaining solid relationships. To achieve that, you need to provide value to your policyholders on a consistent basis.

Fortunately, the online world has given us many tools to do just that. Here are 4 insurance marketing strategies you need to know about.

1. Ensure Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is not all about slapping your logo across all marketing materials and calling it a day.

Instead, you should ensure that you have the same information on each channel. This includes your website, social media, review sites, and so on. You don’t want to miss out on a client because they used the wrong email.

This consistency should also extend to the overall experience. Respond to any emails and messages in the same tone while sharing the same information.

2. Track Online Reviews

In 2018, your company’s reputation largely depends on online reviews. It’s no secret that most people treat these reviews as personal recommendations.

How does one get these reviews? Well, the easy answer is to reach out to your customers. They may not know how useful these reviews are for you, so it can’t hurt to remind them.

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Also, take a look at these Safeco insurance reviews. Notice how the company takes its time to address customer feedback. That requires a proactive approach in monitoring review sites and providing customer service.

3. Automate the Marketing

As we’ve established, any insurance agency should strive to develop a reliable pipeline of clients.

Now, this is easier said than done. After all, sharing and generating content is a time-consuming effort. With so many tasks to complete on a daily basis, it can be hard to find time to follow up with past clients.

This is where automated email marketing can help you out. Many online tools allow you to automate the whole procedure, including content creation. Of course, this particular strategy is only suitable in small doses.

4. Embrace Social Media

We all know social media is key to finding new policyholders. That said, are you sure you’re using it the right way?

See, many insurance companies don’t take social media seriously. Recognizing them is easy enough — they’ll only post “boring” information about insurance. This information is valuable, but it won’t help you engage with your clients.

What you should do is get proactive with your insurance marketing ideas. Post polls and questions, and then encourage your followers to share their opinion. When they do, make sure to respond to them.

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As you can see, insurance marketing is not easy. Today’s insurance buyers are busier than ever, so you need to put in some extra effort as well. These four tips are a good start, but you have plenty of other tools at your disposal.

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