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4 White Hat Link Building Strategies That Really Work!

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With all the talk about the best SEO strategies, one important element is often overlooked.

What is it? Link building–in particular, white hat link building (which means improving your SEO ethically).

Opinions about the importance of link building abound. The truth is, though, that building links back to your site is essential if you want to improve your ranks.

Where should you start? Here are four white hat link building strategies guaranteed to work for you.

1. Start with a Company Blog

Adding a blog to your company’s website is SEO 101. But how can it help you with backlink building?

Think about it. Before another company can link back to you, they have to have something viable to link back to. Your homepage or product list isn’t going to cut it–you’ve got to deliver valuable content too.

Focus on building a blog that’s fresh and full of valuable advice or information. Post consistently and share those posts across your social media channels. As more people read your great content, they’re more likely to link back to you.

2. Design a Graphic Icon

Do you have partners you work with on a regular basis? Have you already built a following of customers that love your brand?

Keep that enthusiasm going by sending them an icon of your brand to include on their site. (Think of what Google does with its AdWords certification). When a visitor to their site clicks on the icon, they’ll be directed back to your site.

Think of this icon like a digital bumper sticker or T-shirt. It’s great visibility for your company and an excellent SEO link strategy.

3. Create Something Newsworthy

It’s possible to outsource link building, but you can also get the ball rolling yourself. It’s just a matter of giving people something to talk about.

When’s the last time you set up a contest or free giveaway? Do you have a new product launch coming up? Is there something controversial happening in your field that everyone is already talking about?

Whatever you have that’s newsworthy, take advantage of it! Share it on social media and wait for it to go viral, or leave some comments on other blogs with links back to your site.

With enough effort–and a little luck–you could capture the attention of the press or online influencers. Before you know it, there will be countless links back to your site.

4. Reach out and Guest Post

Want to boost your brand’s exposure while building relationships with industry influencers? Muster your courage and send them an email offering to guest post on their blog.

Start by searching for relevant authority blogs in your niche. Craft an email stating you’d love the opportunity to provide a guest post for them. Then include a few links back to your blog or–even better–other guest posts you’ve recently written.

When visitors read your great content on the influencer’s site, they’re likely to click that backlink and check out your own site.

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Final Thoughts on White Hat Link Building

Improving your SEO through white hat link building is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. By using the tips outlined above, you’ll make it to the top of the SERPs in no time.

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