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SEO Codes: How to Use HTML for SEO Success

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Everyone with a website knows about SEO. But do you know about SEO codes?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s how search engines like Google spot keywords that get viewers to your site.

Finding the right keywords is hard enough. First, you have to think like your audience. Then you have to make an exhaustive list of the keywords that apply to them.

After you’ve done all that work, make sure you use your SEO to its full advantage. If you want to optimize your website, you need to use your HTML source codes.

Keep reading to learn how you can integrate your SEO codes with your source codes.

What is Source Code and How Does it Help SEO Code?

When web browsers display your site, they get all their information from the HTML source code.

Google also reads your websites source code to find out what it’s about. If you have enough high ranking keywords in your HTML, then you’ll get a higher ranking in searches.

But source coding can be tricky. While you can practice coding, it’s easier to know where to plug in your SEO code for the best effect.

Where Can You Add SEO Codes?

Here are the top five places to plug your SEO code into your website for best results. We’ll give you examples of the HTML code using spaces between the characters so you can see it. If you use them for your site, remove the spaces for the code to function properly.

Title Tag

You can find your title tag between. Whatever you type between these two brackets is what shows up at the top of the Google result. Make sure you have one title tag per page.

While you shouldn’t stuff keywords in the title tags, be strategic about your word choices.

Meta Description

The meta description should also be at the top of your page, near the title tag. You also only have one meta description.

The meta description will show up underneath your title in the Google results. Don’t skip over this part. If you do, Google won’t be able to tell the difference between your different pages.

H1 Header Tag

The best place to place your top keyword is in the first header. This takes place between the

and the


Image Alt Tags

When you search for an image in Google Images, the pictures get selected because of their Alt tags.

Keyword descriptions

The best way to use alt tags are in

  • Merchandise images
  • Website logo
  • Screenshots
  • Diagrams
  • Infographics

Remember to rename your images with your keyword – those count toward SEO too!

Want to Learn More About Getting Your Site Out There?

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