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The Social Media Landscape: Current Demographics and Statistics for Your Marketing Research

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Even after the Cambridge Analytica scare and all the changes that came with it, the social media landscape is still going strong.

There are more users than ever and sites like YouTube and Instagram get bigger each day. Even bigger than they were last year, with seven percent more online social media users.

Recent data shows that almost seventy percent of adults are on Facebook now and check it daily.

It’s more worth it than ever to have a social media marketing strategy, keep reading for facts you need to know!

The Top Platforms in Numbers

When it comes to what social platforms you want to concentrate on, it depends on where your customers are. If your target audience is middle-aged, you won’t advertise on Instagram or Twitter.


Facebook is still the most widely used platform on the market, with over two billion users. The highest percentage of those users are aged 25-34.

People from thirty-five to forty-four are the next biggest group, followed by those eighteen to 24.

We’re still working on getting an older population onto facebook. Users over sixty-five are the least common, after users under eighteen.

Were you surprised when you learned that there are more middle-aged users than people under 24? Most of them are migrating to the next biggest platform.


If you haven’t gotten into video marketing, you need to. Youtube ad videos are part of the Google Display network.

You can set up Youtube ads through your Google Ads profile, but why would you want to? Because over 1.9 billion people are on Youtube, with data updated in August 2018.

As for the age of Youtube users, we’re seeing the most users in the 18-24 age range. They’re followed closely (by 1%) by the 25-34 year age range.

You’re not out of luck if you’re marketing older. There are still high to decent numbers for users from thirty-five up to sixty-four.

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By far, Instagram is the fastest growing online platform out there. In the last year, they hit one billion users. That’s a big deal since we didn’t know what would happen when they got bought up by Facebook.

Instagram is a young person game. Most users on Instagram are under 30. Instead of adding people to Facebook nowadays, kids will add each other on Instagram.

That’s the kind of dominance it has in the younger market. Age wise, there’s an even distribution between the 18-24 group and those aged 25-34.

Supringsly, we see more percentage of males than females using Instagram, in the groups cited above.

Advertising on Instagram is easy, you can set it up through your Facebook Ads Manager profile.

Trend Alert

When we went into the year 2018, everyone said that live videos and video ads would be the key to success. Now that we’re nine months into 2018, did that prove true?

Absolutely. Live videos are still killing with engagement and pulling in new users. If you ask marketing executives, almost 95% say they plan to use live video going forward.

That’s a good choice. Research tells us that 80% of an audience would rather tune in to a live video than reading content from a post or a blog.

How do you jump on this bandwagon? Doing a live video is easy. Simply show customers something they wouldn’t see otherwise.

Behind the scene interviews, how things are made, whatever you think is interesting you can throw on video. If you don’t get much engagement, you know that wasn’t your next regular segment.

Keep trying until you find something your audience really loves!


What successful Facebook Business page doesn’t have a chatbot at this point? Bots help users engage with the page and carry out frequent actions.

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For example, if you have a shop link on your page, your chatbot can pop up when new users open your page. The bot can say something like “Hi! Welcome to ___. Which of the following actions are you interested in?”

The bots have clickable links to send your clients exactly where you want them to go.

This year alone, chatbots more than tripled in number. What were a mere 33,000 bots is now well over 100,000.

To make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd, make sure your bot is as helpful as possible.

User-Generated Content

What’s easier than repeating content? Using content other people created for you!

In 2018 many brands are taking their user’s reviews and photos and advertising with them.

Not only is it less work than creating your own content, but people trust other users more than they trust a corporation.

It’s also a good chance to shout out that customer and show future clients you listen and communicate with your buyers.

You can stay as simple as commenting on people’s reviews and comments on your feed to publishing someone’s testimonial.

It’s always a good idea to ask for the users’ permission before you make their comments or opinions public.

The Current Social Media Landscape

No matter which way you cut it, the social media landscape is changing. We’re seeing people flock to less complex systems like Instagram and older people mass-boarding the Facebook train.

YouTube is showing us the value of video marketing and helping people spend those marketing dollars more efficiently.

We expect to see more people move their marketing dollars to Instagram and Youtube respectively.

Along with the change of venue, we’ll see more user-generated content and video marketing. The social media landscape is moving towards the future, with current technology.

For more information about trends and data, follow our blog updates.